You must have seen this face thousands of times in Ramayan .. bet you still will not be able to recognize!


New Delhi Ever since the telecast of the Ramayana on Doordarshan has resumed, the stars of the serial have also become quite active on social media. Especially Sita Deepika Chikhaliya and Laxman Sunil Lahiri of Ramayana. Laxman of Ramayan i.e. Sunil Lahiri is very active on Twitter. They share stories with their fans daily through videos related to the serial. In between, Sunil keeps sharing pictures of his new look for fans. But recently, the actor shared a picture of his, which will baffle you too.

Sunil has shared a collage of his own on Twitter account in which he is seen on one side and a girl on the other side, and this girl is none other than herself, Sunil Lahiri. Yes, the girl you see in the photo is no one else but Lakshman of Ramayana which you see on TV everyday.

Actually, Sunil’s fans have given him a new look, which Sunil has also liked. The actor’s fans have edited her photo with the help of Facebook and transformed it into a girl. By the way, Sunil looks pretty cute in the girl’s look. While sharing the photo, the actor wrote, ‘Thank you Laxman ji’s army for reuniting me in a new form’.


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