Yeh Teri Galiyan 12th Feb 2020 Episode Written Update (12/2/2020)


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Episode Name: Shan In Love With Devika

Air Date: 12 February 2020

Full Written Update: Yeh Teri Galiyan 12/2/2020 Episode Start with Nevi says what happened Shan? For what reason would you say you are crying? Tell me? I am seeing you cry after so long? What’s stinging you? I understand you have expressions of love for Devika and they’re perplexing you. A mother knows everything. You aren’t enduring your feelings.

Shan says I’m not getting your significance? She says you’re fascinated with Devika. You are disregarding it since you figure you can’t worship anyone yet Asmita. Regardless, you’re escaping from this present reality. WE have to move for the duration of regular daily existence. Devika would be your significant other and Krishi’s mom. Asmita required the comparable.

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Shan says I simply loved Asmita. Devika can never be Asmita. Nevi says anyway you love her for who she isn’t because she looks like Asmita. Shan says I can never venerate her. Nevi says I believe you don’t end up wedding Akira in these sentiments. You have submitted various mistakes starting at now.

Nevi endeavors to speak with Akira. Akira comes there and says what’s new with you? You can’t expel Shan from me. Make an effort not to decide to meddle with me and Shan. You know who my kin was. I can’t be mother Terresa. I won’t relinquish my fondness. Nevi says in heart I have to chat with Devika.

Krishi says to Devika go with me to father. I will speak with her. Nevi says you have to go with us before it’s past the final turning point. We should go please. Devika is bewildered. They come. Chahat and Akira are alredy there. CHahat is expressing father please marry Akira auntie in two days. I won’t have the alternative to acknowledge after that because of my tests.

Akira says Mamo in like manner said this is the right time. Akira says would you say you are cheery? In case you would lean toward not to marry me, by then state it before Chahat. Shan says it isn’t like that. We will marry inside two days. Chahat says thank you father. Devika and Krishi are vexed.

Nevi says Akira has intellectually customized Chahat. She is controlling him. I won’t let Shan marry an unseemly youngster. This is about Krishi and Chahat too. Krishi says what may we do? He isn’t conceding that he treasures Devika auntie and that mother sent her. What may we do? Nevi says I have an idea. She says nobody yet Devika can make Shan comprehend that he treasures her.

Devika says yet he doesn’t have expressions of love for me. Nevi says he reveres you anyway he isn’t enduring his feelings. He is puzzled. Love can change that chaos. I understand the sum he appreciates you. He would be yours once he comprehends his conclusions. Krishi says you should act normally before daddy not my mom. He will turn out to be miserably captivated with you. Devika says I don’t grasp. Nevi says you are dressed like Asmita. Act normally. Devika says I am startled. Krishi says you would win in actuality. Nevi says I won’t let Akira marry Shan.

Shan is dozing. Devika goes to the hall and sings mujhko iraday de. Shan stirs and starts things out floor. Shan falls. Devika saves him. Shan comes back to his room. Devika says I understand it is hard for you. Akira says you figure you would win with this? Nothing can part me and Shan this time. Devika says you have no idea about the power of reverence. Akira says I love him a lot. Devika says desire matters more. Akira says we will be hitched in 24 hours. Devika says I have an entire day. Anything can change in a moment. Akira says I can’t lose Shan. I have to achieve something with this Devika.

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