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Episode Name: Mishti Surprises Kuhu

Air Date: 6 March 2020

Full Written Update: Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 6/3/2020 Episode Start with Mishti coming to Abir and saying sorry. He says I m sorry, you got lamented because of me. She says sorry, I had no idea what you had eaten and didn’t let you do puja. He says you expected flaw on you. She says you by and large become legend, this time I faced this challenge. He asks did I holler on Kunal much. She says I need to speak with you. Kuhu cries and says I got puerile and thought if Mishti rests, I will do the puja, I stopped myself and didn’t wish to do this with Mishti, I know its my issue, I should have told the truth, I was scared and couldn’t express a word, mercifully don’t repel me for my calm. Gateway ringer rings. Meenakshi says who came starting at now. Jugnu opens the portal. Vishwamber and family comes. Kuhu says every one of you here… Jasmeet says Mishti has called us here, is everything fine.

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Rajshri says sorry Meenakshi ji, Mishti called us, so we had come around night time. Varsha says sorry to agitate every one of you. Meenakshi says its your home also, did Mishti tell the clarification. Varsha says Vishwamber said Abir is aware, is she fine. Meenakshi thinks Mishti would have educated me concerning Kuhu, yet she called her family, she will reveal Kuhu’s mistake before both the family. Mishti comes. Rajshri asks as to for what reason did you call us. Meenakshi asks her not to be uneasy and state for what valid justification she called them. Mishti says I have to talk about Kuhu. Kuhu and Jasmeet endeavor to stop her. Varsha asks what’s up, let me know.

Mishti says I will show you, look there. Kuhu stresses. Everyone smiles seeing Abir getting a cake. Abir wishes Kuhu merry birthday. Kuhu smiles. Everyone extols. Abir says happy birthday sibling. Mishti says birthday is today, in what limit can the issue get postponed. Mishti grasps Kuhu. Rajshri says you felt we disregarded your birthday even this time. Kuhu grasps her. Varsha says we didn’t want to wish, since everyone was in strain. Shaurya says sorry. Kuhu says you have to appreciate me a lot. Abir offers thanks toward Mishti for the idea.

FB shows Abir asking Mishti not to concur with Kuna’s position. She thinks how to illuminate him with respect to Kuhu. He says I didn’t think this will happen. She says its Kuhu’s birthday tomorrow, we can make the day remarkable for the family. Varsha asks Kuhu to make a longing. Mishti figures I will never transform into the house breaking youngster. Kuhu wishes no one knows her blunder, else she can never go up against Abir. She cuts the cake. Everyone sings cheery birthday to you… . Kuhu deals with cake to Meenakshi. Abir and Kunal see Parul. Meenakshi favors Kuhu. Abir says its Maasi’s turn now. Kuhu deals with cake to Parul and Mishti.

She grasps Mishti and offers thanks toward her for not encouraging anything to anyone. Mishti says I m calm for everyone’s fulfillment, with the exception of I m upset, I will consistently recollect what you did. Meenakshi says we will make it continuously remarkable by giving her gifts. She asks what does she need. Kunal asks pearls or outside trip. Meenakshi pledges to fulfill her craving. Vishwamber says you can think well, up to that point we will ruin you.

Abir sees Meenakshi and goes to her. She asks how are you. He says I m jumbled, you continually charged Parul, how might you let Kunal denounce her. She says recall you are bantering with your mum, I m sure Parul won’t do this with you, I have to acknowledge who did this. He says you expected to denounce someone. Mishti gets Kunal to Parul. Parul clears the floor. Mishti gives the canister to Kunal. Kunal goes to Parul. Abir says you are my mum, you won’t do this, you will require Kuhu to blame Mishti. Meenakshi says I have to recognize her for the prosperity of you. He says I can’t recognize this, I can’t be a bit of this misrepresentation. She says your assurance is regarded, yet my kids don’t trust in me, whatever I do.

Abir asks in what way will I trust in you, your voice has torment, anyway you are up ’til now rejecting. She looks at him and says please give me a chance, I have to acknowledge who did this with my kid. Parul says no convincing motivation to state anything. Kunal says you understand Abir and love him, endeavor to get me, as Abir fights with mum to benefit I, I fought with you for him. Parul says in reality, mums need to get kids. He says it was my mistake, amazingly sorrowful. Meenakshi asks what will I do. He says I needn’t bother with you to do anything, I needn’t bother with any sensation, this family stays merry. Mishti comes and asks Abir to go with her. She says you were feeling the loss of this. Abir smiles seeing Kunal saying ‘sorry’ to Parul. He says you are doing this for me, I should have done this for you. She says you endeavor tomorrow to become mate of the year. He says done.

Its morning, Meenakshi plays sitar and audits Abir’s words. Abir wishes Kuhu merry birthday. She offers thanks toward him. Abir asks Parul to offer gift to Kuhu. Parul says she is my bahu, its my first alternative to gift her. Abir comes to room and says we conceivably moving, one snoozes and other is attentive. He sees cushions under the spread. He says I m thinking to partake in an extramarital snares, since I feel like a solitary wolf after marriage. Mishti looks on and comes to beat him. They fall on the bed. He jokes. She says why not state, you are kicking the basin to kiss me. He says I m not such tense. They have a moment. Kunal comes. Abir opens the gateway. Kunal asks whose fate is dreadful. Abir says mine, nothing, let me know, what is it.

Kunal says I have to buy a present for Kuhu, I need your help. Mishti nudges Abir. Abir asks Kunal to buy something extraordinary. Kunal says I don’t know embellishments and articles of clothing plans. Abir keeps him from going into the room. Mishti kisses Abir’s hand. Abir says kiss, I mean gift anything. Kunal says if you expected to joke on me, I would have not come here. He goes. Abir asks what was this. Mishti says it was my right, I would have snatched it. He says then you would have requested it in front from Kunal. She says as if you are bold, you would have kissed before everyone. He says challenge recognized, I understand what you need. She says no, you are very impossible to miss. He says now there is no motivation to stress. Parul gets tea for Meenakshi. She says kids are perky, its Kuhu’s birthday and holika dahan around night time. Meenakshi says really, send Kaushal to me. Parul goes.

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