Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 20th Feb 2020 Episode Written Update (20/2/2020)


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Air Date: 20 February 2020

Full Written Update: Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 20/2/2020 Episode Start with ..

everyone pondering about Abir’s whereabouts. Kuhu comes and asks Varsha to converse with her. Vishambharnat says that Abir has come. Mishti goes ahead gallery. Everyone takes a gander at Abir. Vishambharnat says that he knew Abir may be late however now he will allow him to choose.

Abir says that it’s a major day for him and he would not like to begin another existence with questions so he solicited help to the individuals who think from him like a child to clear his perplexity. Kunal asks what perplexity. Simply then Abir brings Meenakshi there and everyone gets glad. Kunal goes to her. Yeh rishtey hain pyaar ke title track plays. Vishambharnat invites Meenakshi. Varsha asks Kuhu to leave.

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Mishti feels that one issue got explained yet thinks about whether her wedding will occur on that mandap or not. Jasmeet brings Kuhu in the room and asks her what she needed to state. Kuhu answers something significant. Jasmeet inquires as to whether she made another dramatization.

Rajshri and Varsha do respictively Abir and Kunal’s aarti and afterward favor them. The two grooms are approached to go into inside the house.

Meenakshi comes in Kuhu and Mishti’s room and inquires as to whether they felt awful that she came. Jasmeet says that Kuhu wasn’t happy to get hitched without her. Mishti and Kuhu take her favors. Meenakshi inquires as to whether she can carry them to the mandap. Kuhu says that it’s an extraordinary thought.

Mishti says that Kuhu’s wedding will happen first so she should take her just until further notice. Kuhu gets cheerful. Rajshri comes and is shocked to hear that. Meenakshi says that the muharat is only for thirty minutes and two weddings need to occur.

Mishti says that this can’t separate her and Abir now and she will come once Kuhu and Kunal’s promises are finished. Rajshri inquires as to whether she sure. Mishti says she has. Jasmeet and Rajshri takes Kuhu away. Meenakshi favors Mishti and says she demonstrated that she had misconstrued her. She leaves.

Mishti goes on overhang and cries reviewing how she and Abir adorned the mandap. She says that no one will have the option to grab her satisfaction, not Kuhu without a doubt, and her wedding will happen today on muhurat time just regardless of Kuhu’s youthfulness.

Kuhu descends and grins at Kunal. Vishambharnat asks Rajshri where Mishti is. She reveals to him that Mishti needs Kuhu’s promises to occur first. Varsha hears that and says that the two weddings will happen all the while and is going to go to take Mishti however Meenakshi says that Mishti has just taken the choice to give Kuhu her right. Vishakha says it’s not exclusively Mishti’s choice and asks Abir his assessment. He says he can do anything for Kuhu and finds a workable pace asking her and Kunal to do rapidly.

Mishti wipes her tears taking a gander at the moon.

Kuhu and Kunal sit on mandap and the wedding customs start. “Aaj se mera ghar tera ho gaya” plays. Abir continues looking upstairs and afterward goes to Mishti. They head off to some place. Kuhu and Kunal take promises and afterward Kunal make Kuhu wear mangalsutra and puts vermillion on her maang. Their wedding is finished.

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Only five minutes are left for the muhurat to complete yet Abir and Mishti are no place. Jugnu requests that everyone tail him.

Abir has organized a transport all enriched with lights. Abir and Mishti see him grinning and embrace. Jugnu brings the family there and they grin seeing Mishti and Abir sitting on a mandap on the top of the transport. Everyone applauds. Ceremonies of Mishti and Abir’s wedding start.

They trade festoons. Kuhu is despondent seeing this. Abir makes Mishti wear mangalsutra and fills her maang with sindur. Pandit ji says that now they need to take promises strolling on the foundation of the transport just however there is less space.

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