Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 16th Mar 2020 Episode Written Update (16/3/2020)


Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 16th March 2020 Written Episode Update, Star Plus Serial “Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 16 March 2020 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Abir And Meenakshi’s Tiff

Air Date: 16 March 2020

Full Written Update: Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 16/3/2020 Episode Start with journalists presenting anomalous requests if Kunal is a strange, if Meenakshi will deny him. Mishti demands that the columnists stop it, its an eager moment for them. She takes Meenakshi. Kuhu comes and apologizes to Meenakshi. Meenakshi asks her to just stop it. She says I have recognized you and Mishti as meager young ladies, Kunal did this because of you both. Kuhu says I didn’t have the foggiest thought, I didn’t illuminate my family concerning Parul. Meenakshi moves toward how did Varsha get present for Parul. Kuhu says she got the present for you, Mishti doesn’t discuss anything with me, when she reestablished the association to Kunal, I favored the sign, the association is essentially of you and Kunal. Meenakshi says Mishti did this. Kuhu says I don’t have the foggiest thought, she is savvy, Kunal is your youngster, you are my Sasumaa. Meenakshi says its reasonable for fulfill heart. She leaves. Mishti approaches Abir for what valid justification didn’t he uncover to her that Kunal is making Parul do the commencement. Abir says I had no idea.

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She says liar, you are behind this, much valued, finally Parul got her benefits. She grasps him. Jasmeet hears them and goes. Mishti says I m worried for Shaurya and Varsha. Abir says I understand they won’t this way. Shaurya says Kunal, you should have exhorted this to us already. Nanu says we decided to cover this. Kunal says sorry, I was in like manner endeavoring to recognize this. Vishwamber says reality didn’t turn out decidedly. Kuhu comes and says Meenakshi took off to some place, she was crying. Kunal goes. Shaurya says in case you had told us beforehand, we would have not vexed Kuhu and Kunal’s organization. Vishwamber asks Nanu to uncover to them everything. Abir says I m worried for Meenakshi. Mishti asks him not to be negative. He says I m reasonable, I face reality and know mum, she will be a great deal of perturbed.

She says I wish you or Kunal organized Meeakshi early, she is demanding and angry, anyway she is a mum. He says she gets a kick out of the opportunity to control everyone, she would have controlled Kunal and stopped Parul from presentation, she did a lot to confine us. She says really, she can do anything, stay calm. Jasmeet asks as to for what reason didn’t go with Kunal. Kuhu says Meenakshi thinks Mishti did this. Jasmeet says in fact, she was energetic and grasping Abir that Parul got her benefits. Varsha comes and asks Kuhu did you understand that Kunal is Parul’s youngster. Kuhu says undoubtedly, Kunal is so far fighting with this reality. Jasmeet says Mishti did this. Kuhu says really, I m secure with it. Varsha says it doesn’t have any kind of effect, we should be with Meenakshi, continue to manage her.

Meenakshi audits little Kunal and Abir. She goes to a haven. She falters and cries. Kunal comes and holds her. He says incredibly grief stricken. She says I m not your mum, go from here. He says you will reliably be my mum. She says whatever you did seconds back, this is nothing, I didn’t give any obligation to Parul, she expected up all risk herself. Kunal says I tended to Abir and Mishti… She says I was unable to mind less, you should have told me, I care for the way that you ignored me, go to your certifiable mum. She cries. He leaves.

She explodes and says Mishti… .. Mishti brings Parul home and says its another start for you, come. Parul says I didn’t figure this would happen. Kuhu comes and looks on. Parul says this is an aftereffect of you and Abir. Mishti says this is an immediate consequence of Kunal, we didn’t do anything. Nanu says Kuhu, go with me to the asylum, I need to speak with Meenakshi. Kuhu goes. Parul says your family got pushed, would you have the option to apologize to them for the wellbeing of I. Mishti signals. Ketki comes and shows the video. Mishti says 1m sees, people are praising you and saying Kunal did right. Kunal comes and looks on. Nanu says Meenakshi, you would feel you lost, this is your triumph. Meenakshi asks how. He says its your youth that Kunal took the right decision, its a valiant exhibit, it doesn’t mean he needn’t waste time with you, your Kanha needs you, he is your kid, none can change this reality, don’t make him away, go to him. Meenakshi cries and goes.

Parul says Kunal, I got love and respect at the present time, required my youngster to call me Maa, you have fulfilled my longing, I needn’t bother with anything. Kunal grasps her. Abir and Mishti look on. Abir jokes. Meenakshi comes. Mishti takes Kunal and Parul’s pic. Kuhu comes and sees Mishti. Abir goes to Meenakshi. She asks Kunal to leave. She turns and sees Abir. She says I was angry on Kunal, anyway you have hurt me a lot, Abir, in what way can a youngster hurt his mum, you wrecked everything. Abir says none can hurt your reputation, in case your loved one remaining you, by then its his slip up, truth is Kunal and I are the offspring of this house, for what reason are we looking at this. She says past reliably walks around us, Mishti knows this well, her dad’s existence is still with her, you may neglect it, I recalled my life partner’s awful direct. He demands that her stop it. She says you have humiliated us. He says for what reason did you keep Parul at home by then. She says for mankind.

He asks in what capacity may you say that Parul’s association brings disfavor for you, people will respect you more. She asks who are you to encourage this reality to everyone, Mishti did this, she got Mehul home and this happened. He says truth is you kept Parul here to make sure about your fake feeling of pride, you kept her as worker, express profound gratitude to God Mishti got Mehul here and Kunal found a useful pace truth. She says I never abuseed Parul. He asks did you treat her also. She says she can’t be proportionate. He says I wish Mishti was here, I uncovered to her you will react thusly, she mentioned that I hush up, I may never need to control my family, I asked Kunal to recognize Parul, I can’t trust in you, don’t challenge me, either discredit me or recognize it, you decided to bring Parul home. He goes. She says you like to tell the truth, I will bring Mishti and Kuhu’s reality and see how you recognize it.

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