Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th Mar 2020 Episode Written Update (18/3/2020)

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th March 2020 Written Episode Update, Star Plus Serial “Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18 March 2020 Written Update”on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Kartik Seeks Police Help

Air Date: 18 March 2020

Full Written Update: Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18/3/2020 Episode Start with Suwarna saying Kartik will be near. Naira says there is something. She cries and supplicates. Kartik comes. Everybody looks on. Naira asks where did you go, our puja got ruined. Samarth asks where did you go out of nowhere. Kartik says I was feeling peculiar and went to have water, I m fine at this point. Naira says our puja didn’t finish, what’s the importance, is she annoyed with us. Suwarna asks her not to think such.

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Naira says there is some importance. Pandit asks them for what good reason are they suspecting as much, simply implore Lord, there is no reason to worry. Kartik supplicates and figures for what reason did this occur, for what reason did I see Leela, clarify me. A young lady rings the sanctuary ringer. Kartik turns and sees her. He sees Naira and that young lady.

At home, Kartik says I need to discover, if that was Leela or another person, for what reason did she flee seeing me, possibly she wasn’t at home, her child let us know, I had seen her shadow, for what reason didn’t she like to meet me, why, I need to tell it to Naira. Naira remains tragic. Kartik comes. Kairav asks her ti see the family tree. He says its my schoolwork, our family is huge.

Kartik says decent, for what reason is this casing unfilled. Kairav says you both revealed to me that you will give me a sister, guarantee me, mumma discloses to me that I ought to grow up and become like you, a debt of gratitude is in order for being the best Papa. Kartik embraces and says thanks to him for being the best child. He approaches Kairav to get shines for enlivening the family tree. Kairav goes.

Kartik says I lied, I didn’t feel unwell, I pursued from that point seeing Leela and her child, I didn’t get them. She says it happens when we attempt to meet somebody frantically, for what reason would she keep away from us, perhaps there is some explanation, she wouldn’t like to meet us in light of her sickness. He says I truly feel…

She says don’t miss the infant, I m not ready to overlook the agony, we shouldn’t be pitiful and free her from our recollections, with the goal that she remains glad in her new relations. She sees her infant in the vacant edge. She says guarantee me, you will end this issue end, our girl is simply in our recollections. She goes. He says sorry, I will discover reality and afterward I will get harmony.

Dadi reviews the sanctuary occurrence. Samarth comes and asks her what is she thinking. She says nothing. He says don’t deceive me, clarify your heart, there is no reason to worry, don’t stress. Kartik awakens from rest and hears a child crying. He goes to see. Leela gives him the child. He awakens from the fantasy. He reviews Leela. Naira welcomes him and says we need to make another beginning, meet Kairav’s football trainer, solicit him what type from shoes he needs Kairav to purchase.

Kartik peruses some news. She requests that he prepare. She goes. He peruses the child robbery trick. He says infant are blacked out after the birth and their folks are told about their demise, the children are sold for cash, numerous emergency clinics are engaged with the trick, people are succumbing to cash to this level. Kartik reviews his infant. He reviews his infant. Kairav says I will go to class with Papa today. Kartik says I will drop you. Naira says I was additionally near my father. She requests that Kartik keep the telephone charger.

Kartik requests that her fare thee well. Naira sees Manish and Suwarna contending. He says its stage performance tickets. Suwarna says I don’t care for boisterous music. He says I m hurt, we told that we will never allow the sentiment to end. Suwarna says figure well and talk, don’t utilize the word sentiment, when we get youngsters and have duty, these futile things get less, we aren’t exceptional, see Surekha-Akhilesh, Gayu-Samarth and Kartik-Naira, there is a lot of distinction. Naira says is she saying genuine, did our adoration get less, no… perhaps she detected what we aren’t understanding, there was a lot of affection previously, our romantic tale can’t be exhausting, I need to think and shower my adoration.

Kartik is in transit. He parts of the bargains. He requests that driver take him to the police headquarters. Naira makes Matar kachoris for Kartik. Suwarna comes and says its great that my words influenced somebody. Naira expresses gratitude toward her. Suwarna asks her to consistently keep a similar love. She says I m going to show with Manish, will this saree look great. Naira says Manish would be happy.

Suwarna says I will support you. Dadi sees them snickering and says thanks to Lord. Kartik goes to the police headquarters. He says what will I say. Samarth asks Gayu to prepare, they will go out. She says I will ask Vansh to prepare. He says just we will go, he won’t come. She says he is a child, he will wish to go out. He asks is this not our kid, prepare.

Kartik says its truly demon. Reviewer requests that her state. Kartik shows the news. Overseer says I m researching the case. Kartik asks the clinics engaged with the case. Assessor gets the medical clinics’ rundown and demonstrates it to Kartik.

Kartik sees New city medical clinic. He asks since when is this medical clinic included. Investigator says there were barely any cases 7-8 years back. Kartik asks what, you can get in touch with me when you get subtleties. Reviewer says you think something such occurred with your family. Kartik says perhaps.

Naira hangs tight for Kartik. He returns home. She welcomes and attempts to talk. He approaches will you make tea for me, I have a cerebral pain. She says I was sitting tight for this, much obliged for making my fantasy work out as expected. He goes. She says sentiment got over, I will give him another insight. He reviews examiner’s words.

Kartik takes the tea and treat. She blows up. He asks where is Kairav. She tells about each part in the family unit. She says its fine, we will discuss us. He says I will spruce up and come. Naira jokes on him. He goes.

Naira says he isn’t really trying to understand, no battles, just love. He changes and comes. Naira stops him and embraces. Chukar gai… .plays… . She kisses him and sentiments. He says I have to reveal to you something demon. He reveals to her beginning and end. She gets stunned. He says sorry, I thought of not letting you know, at that point I figured you should know it. She says you ought to likewise realize this is only a figment, it occurs in films, not, all things considered. He says no, it occurred with us.

She says it doesn’t occur with everybody, you consider it, its counter-intuitive, you have held our girl in hands and attendant said… . He says hear me out, it occurred. She says no, don’t think a lot. She cries. He figures I won’t lose easily. Kairav and Vansh play. Kairav requests that Kartik and Naira play. Naira says truly, we will not sit around idly in pondering past. Kairav says I m in Kartik’s group. Vansh inquires as to why, I was in Kartik’s group previously.

Kartik embraces Kairav. Kairav says she is terrified that she will lose. Naira says none can cause me to lose. Auditor comes there and signs Kartik. Kartik says I will get my games shoes from the vehicle. He goes to the controller and says you here… Inspector says I had called you, you said its your own issue. Kartik asks did you discover something. Reviewer says we got new data, your little girl… .

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Kartik is stunned. Assessor says that clinic had that child robbery racket going on at the hour of her introduction to the world, I trust you have no issue to address barely any inquiries. Naira thinks where is Kartik. Kairav calls her. Kartik stresses. Investigator asks did you hear what I said. Kartik gestures. Assessor says I will call you, we will attempt to think about the staff. He leaves. Naira looks on. Kartik turns and sees her.

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