Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 27th June 2022 Episode Written Update (27/6/2022)


Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 27th June 2022 Written Episode Update, Star Plus “Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 27th June 2022 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Happy Ending For Rastogis

Air Date: Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 27th June 2022

Full Written Update: Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 27/6/2022 Episode Start with Palki says I feel Krish told her beginning and end. He says she would be occupied. She says on the off chance that she acknowledges Krish and my connection, it will be great. He says OK, I will give the uplifting news to Anju. He calls Anju.

Palki returns home and wishes Sudha cheerful birthday. Sudha yells and asks what’s happening among Krish and you. Diya asks when did you come Palki. Armaan asks what occurred. Sudha requests that he see the pics, perhaps he knows it as of now. Krish asks how could you get these pics. Sudha asks what are you doing, you deceived me, how could you feel that I will concur for this connection. She asks Diya for what good reason did she not tell her. She says Palki, you won’t turn into this house’s bahu. Armaan says Krish and Palki are grown-ups, mature, they understand what’s good and bad for them, let them do what they need. Sudha gets some information about my satisfaction, everybody quit contemplating me. She flies off the handle on them and cries. Armaan requests that she have water. She rejects and tosses the glass. He requests that she quiet down. She says all of you are correct, just I m wrong, Krish can wed Palki and afterward make me leave, its better that I take off from this house, I have no regard in my home, my kids don’t pay attention to me. Armaan says I guaranteed you, I will pay attention to you. She says fine, you and Krish will pay attention to me without asking me anything, simply go to Jammu with Saloni, just you three, no other person.

Armaan asks what are you talking about. Sudha says no inquiries, simply go now, else I will take off from this house. Bhavna cries and says I didn’t realize matter will go so lengthy. Madhu says OK. Sudha asks will you gather your packs or will I do, I found your solution in your quietness, I comprehended my worth in the house, I m going out for eternity. Armaan requests that she stop.

She goes to her room and cries. she gathers the pack. Diya breaks a glass by her hand, and opens the window. She goes into the room, and goes to open the entryway. Sudha gets unsteady. She tumbles down on the floor. Diya requests that she open her eyes. Armaan takes Sudha outside. Diya’s hand drains. Armaan attaches a bandanna to Diya’s hand. Diya really focuses on Sudha. She takes care of the lemon juice to Sudha. Sudha gets cognizant. Diya asks are you fine. Armaan, Krish and Bhavna embrace her. Armaan says we will go to Jammu, your wellbeing is devil. Diya says nobody will go anyplace. Sudha says I knew it. Diya says I m regarding your work, all of you don’t have to take off from the house, Palki and I will take off from the house. Armaan says I can’t remain without you. Diya says don’t stop me, for the wellbeing of I. She is sorry. She says I will go from here assuming this eases your strain. She says I realize Madhu has own motivations to hate me, I have truly preferred Madhu’s mirror, I figured Madhu will give me that reflect one day as a gift and acknowledge me, yet… She takes her endowments. She says pardon me in the event that I committed any error.

Diya says I never separated among Bhavna and Palki, however I was unable to make a senior sister’s place in your heart, fare thee well. Diya asks Armaan not to stop her. She requests that Krish fare thee well. She says I was unable to bring you satisfaction of becoming a grandmother yet I petition God for your joy. She takes Sudha’s gifts. Sudha takes her feet back. Diya requests that Palki accompany her. Palki sees Krish. They leave. Armaan cries and says kindly stop Diya, I can’t survive without her. Saloni says OK, stop Diya, nobody can have her spot in Armaan’s life. Krish and Bhavna request that Sudha stop Diya. Madhu says I likewise committed an error in knowing her, she is a magnanimous young lady, stop her. Saloni says she didn’t think about her life and saved you. Madhu and everybody request that Sudha if it’s not too much trouble, stop Diya. Sudha stands by.

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