Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 22nd June 2022 Episode Written Update (22/6/2022)


Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 22nd June 2022 Written Episode Update, Star Plus “Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 22nd June 2022 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Dia flops Bhavna’s plan

Air Date: Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 22nd June 2022

Full Written Update: Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 22/6/2022 Episode Start with Dia looking for Armaan and afterward goes towards the room where he was locked with Saloni. While, Bhavna and Madhu likewise follows her and trusts that the show will start. Dia goes inside the room and gets stunned seeing Armaan and Saloni in a nearness. She continues gazing at Armaan dozing on Saloni’s lap, while Bhavna grins.

Madhu alongside Bhavna and Sudha likewise goes into the room and acts to get stunned. While, quickly Armaan and Saloni awakens understanding the circumstance. Armaan tells how they got locked inside the room, while Saloni upholds him.

Here, Madhu attempts to incite Dia against Armaan and deliberately rehashes her words that Armaan dozed alongside Saloni alone inside a similar room. She attempts to make Dia desirous, with the goal that she become dubious about Armaan and Saloni’s relationship. In the mean time, Armaan attempts to legitimize his demonstration before Dia and tells that the entryway wasn’t opening.

Saloni guarantees Dia that Armaan is coming clean and request that Bhavna tell how she additionally got locked. Dia stops them and states that she confides in Armaan. She tells that she will cause the way to get fixed orelse Sudha will deal with issues. She then, at that point, goes inside her room alongside Armaan.

Somewhere else, Armaan again attempts to apologize to Dia and gives his legitimization, yet she stops him and says that she have full confidence in him. She expresses that she realizes him all around ok and hinders him from giving any explanation. She shows her adoration towards him, while he gets overpowered.

Madhu gets angered as their arrangement to affect Dia gets ineffective, while Sudha grins expressing that she simply needed to know the sensations of Saloni towards Armaan and presently she got the affirmation that the last option loves him. She announces that main Saloni can satisfy her fantasy about giving child to their home.

Ahead, Bhavna recalls Dia and Brij’s discussion about tracking down a man of the hour for her. She sees Krish’s photograph and blushes. While, he calls her and tells about her prosperity. He shows his appreciation towards her for propelling him and sends a bring gift back.

Sudha goes up against every one of the individuals from her family and announces to give the family obligations to Saloni. Dia and Armaan gets stunned and the last option questions Sudha about it. She answers that it is her choice and forbids Armaan from meddling. She announces that main Saloni can assume the liability of the house and request that Dia give every one of her jewelleries and the key of the house and storage to Saloni.

Further, Dia feels hurt and Armaan consoles her. She then intends to make a cake and surprise Sudha on her birthday, while Madhu hears their discussion furtively. The last option alongside Bhavna advises Saloni to accomplish something uniquely great for Sudha’s birthday, while the last option plans for something fantastic. She likewise continues to contemplate Armaan and her minutes. Though, Krish visits to Palki’s home.

Precap:- Saloni plans an unexpected birthday festivity for Sudha. The last option was going to cut the cake, when Saloni stops her and request to make a wish. Sudha tells that she have one wish, yet will tell her later, as no one but she can satisfy it for her. In the interim, Dia and Armana takes a gander at each other.

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