Yeh Hai Chahatein 22 February 2021 Episode Written Update (22/02/2021)

Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Updates

Yeh Hai Chahatein 22nd Feb 2021 Written Episode Update, Star Plus TV Serial “Yeh Hai Chahatein 22 February 2021 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Bhuvan Is Caught?

Air Date: 22 February 2021

Full Written Update: Yeh Hai Chahatein 22/02/2021 Episode Start with Rudra says he reviewed truck number, so he took regulator’s help and called him here. ahana asks with regards to whether he can review the spot he ended up attentive. Rudra says not really, yet knows heading. Preesha demands that he expect them to the position. He expects them to the position. Ahana asks with regards to whether he is sure. He says yes. Preesha asks with regards to whether he recalls how and who brought him here. Rudra says he just woke up here.

Ahana says there are only 2 courses seen here, Preesha says one may provoke a territory. Screen says they will isolate themselves and walk around the two courses. Preesha and Rudra show up at a market. Preesha asks with regards to whether he know this spot. Rudra says he came here curiously. Ahana and reviewer similarly show up at same spot and they search place around. Ahana says they can’t get anything. Preesha sees God’s divinity and petitions God for help. Assessor says let us check further. Preesha sees chole bhature delayed down and reveals to them that god showed them a way. She walks around chole bhature delayed down and orders one.

Ahana says she has lost it, if anyone needs to have chole bhature. Preesha unveils to Rudra this may be the identical chole bhature as there could be no other shop around. She deals with him and he says this is same chole bhature which he used to eat. Ahana approvals Preesha. Hinder owner bungles Rudra as Bhuvan and asks as to why did he come so early today as he comes around 3 p.m. step by step. Preesha asks regarding whether he knows him. Owner says he is standard customer and comesa cycle 3 p.m. step by step, anyway came early today. She asks regarding whether he comes here yesterday. He says yes.

Rudra says he was revealing to her same and solicitations that Preesha pay him. Preesha does and says fake Rudra may come here even today. They all stow away. Rudra says he needs to get his father’s executioner and rebuke him. Bhuvan comes at 3 p.m. besides, orders chole bhature. Hinder owner says he gave him exactly eventually back. Bhuvan gets bewildered and endeavors to leave.

Police stand spectators, anyway Rudra floods and gets him and alerts him to dare not escape. He says he is really same like hm. Regulator finally alerts Bhuvan to challenge take the necessary steps not to escape. Rudra throws out Bhuvan for killing his father and vents out his anger. Reviewer stops him and offers Bhuvan to diminish his control if he supports them get Mahima. Bhuvan stands discreetly. Regulator demands that he expect him to the position where he kept Rudra and punches him.

Preesha demands that he shoot him and go about as he was escaping, so agent expected to shoot him. Regulator loads gun. Bhavan gets troubled and agrees to help them. He expects them to a position where Rudra was kept. Rudra says this is a comparative spot where he was kept. Evaluator asks who is he. Bhuvan says he is Bhuvan. Analyst whom he is working for. Bhuvan says he can’t. Preesha says they know its akka/Mahima and solicitations that screen catch Bhuvan. Examiner demands that Preesha record complaint against Bhuvan and free her life partner from all cases.

Preesha agrees. Agent orders constablees to tie Bhuvan. Bhuvan considers moving ceaselessly and says he needs to go to the washroom. Constable alerts that he will move away, anyway specialist permits and demands that constable guard him outside washroom. Bhuvan burns several papers inside washroom and excursions by methods for window. They all furor seeing smoke arising out of washroom. Reviewer pounds doorway. Preesha says nothing should happen to Bhuvan.

Constable tears the doorway open. additionally, sets off fire with water. Rudra says there is no one here. Preesha sees window open and says he moved away by methods for it. Bhuvan runs. They all pursuit him. Preesha finds him and teaches Rudra. Both of them follow him. He stows away in a staple shop. They endeavor to enter shop, anyway owner stops them. They say a stellar entered his shop. Owner agrees to permit them to glance through the shop. Supervisor demands that they search somewhere else.

Bhuvan thinks he is gotten and discreetly moving ceaselessly again shows up at PCO, calls Mahima, and enlightens Mahima that Preesha got him caught by police, yet he moved away. She freezes, says she will send him to an ensured where nobody can reach, and demands that he meet her at a nearby mountain. He agrees. Mahima explodes that Preesha found Bhuvan, anyway she needs to show up at Bhuvan now before Preesha gets in touch with him again. Bhuvan gets away from PCO when fans mess up him as Rudra and group him. Rudra and Preesha hear young people rushing to see rockstar Rudraksh and follow him. Fans takes selfies with Bhuvan, yet he escapes before Preesha and Rudra reach there.

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