Yeh Hai Chahatein 16th Mar 2020 Episode Written Update (16/3/2020)

Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Updates

Yeh Hai Chahatein 16th March 2020 Written Episode Update, Star Plus Serial “Yeh Hai Chahatein 16 March 2020 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Niketan Learns The Truth

Air Date: 16 March 2020

Full Written Update: Yeh Hai Chahatein 16/3/2020 Episode Start with Rudraksh and Prisha having the treat challenge. They endeavor to finish one whole tub of icecreeam. Saransh says you both are champs. Prisha demands that he rest. Saransh says I will rest here. Rudraksh asks will she furthermore rest here, fine, rest adequately, I couldn’t care less to tumble down the bed, I will lay on the lounge chair. Saransh asks will you get lay on the lounge chair. Rudraksh asks do I have any other option. He rests. Saransh and Prisha switch on the Ac and rest.

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Rudraksh feels cold. He stirs and sees AC on. He says who keeps temperature at 16, Prisha won’t have AC at her home, they dealt with me solidified yogurt first and now making me freeze. He scans for AC remote. Prisha stirs and asks what happened, you are from rich family right, you are feeling cold. He says no, I was thinking for you both. He continues to feel cold again. He says you have taken my spread and resting sufficiently, I will moreover rest here. He in like manner gets under the spread. Prisha asks what happened, are you feeling cold. He says no, I came to find my phone. She says you can rest here if you need, we are from poor family, yet we can do great purpose. He asks will you do great aim in my home. He goes to the sofa and spreads himself with cushions. He says if it was not Rajeev’s last wish, I would have hurled them outside. He opens the door. She asks what happened, are you feeling cold. He says for sure, you snatched my room, bed and spread, keep it. He goes. She smiles. Saransh stirs and asks did you change temperature. She says no, rest.

Its morning, Prisha goes to the washroom. The tap spills. Saransh asks what’s happening, I will call Rudra. She demands that he get something to fix it. He gets a free weight. She says this won’t help. He gets Rudra’s briefs. Prisha asks as to for what reason did you get this. Saransh says I have to go to washroom. He goes. She endeavors to fix the tap with the briefs. Rudra comes and asks what are you doing with my attire, move, I will fix it. He continues to get a spanner. She says I can fix it, take your attire. She endeavors to fix the tap. He demands that her fix it and show. She gives the spanner to him. Pyaar ka yeh bandhan… ..plays… . They fight. She says you helped me in fixing it. He says I fixed it. She offers significant thanks for help. He goes.

Niketan comes to Ahana and Mishka. He says stun… . Ahana stirs and says father, you here, what are you doing here. Mishka stirs. He says stun for you too. Mishka asks is that really you. He says you parents aren’t grasping me. Mishka grasps him. Ahana says you don’t give such surprises, sorry. She grasps him. He says its my issue, I know to address slip-ups, this valuable stone jewelry is for you. Ahana says its lovely, much valued. He shows an adornment for Mishka. He says sorry, I was involved and couldn’t come in your marriage, I thought Rajeev will expect authority over the business, sorry, I couldn’t come even that time, Rudraksh is my youngster in-law now, he will manage the business.

Ahana asks when did you come, who met you. He says Rudraksh, Balraj, Prisha and Saransh met me around night time. Ahana figures they didn’t confess all to father, by and by my dad will hurl out Prisha and her youngster. Saransh says goodness, mumma fixed the tap, she is so strong, superwoman. Rudraksh looks on. Prisha says don’t pressure, I will tell him. She gets his message. He creates… you didn’t confess all when you had to, no convincing motivation to encourage truth to Saransh and make him very steamed, you taught him that child needn’t waste time with his dad, he let me know, you made’s Rajeevextremely disturbed and butchered him, at any rate let Saransh be merry. She asks what’s this, for what reason are you advising, wouldn’t you have the option to talk. Rudraksh signs no. She demands that he state it. He can’t talk. She asks what come to pass for your voice. He messages… . you both dealt with me solidified yogurt and made me rest in AC, be thankful that just my voice went, I didn’t go. Prisha laughs. Ahana and Mishka cry. Niketan asks what happened. They state you were not with us when we required us. He asks what happened, let me know. Ahana says Rudraksh isn’t your youngster in-law, he didn’t marry Mishka. Mishka says he got hitched to Prisha.

Ahana says Prisha is Rajeev’s executioner. He gets paralyzed. Ahana says Rudraksh married her in jail, poor Mishka came in the mandap, changes would happen and Prisha ended the marriage. Mishka says Prisha is here and it hurts me, I wish to end everything. Ahana says don’t express this, father wasn’t with us. Mishka says see what father does now. He asks by what strategy can Rudraksh do this, I got some data about Prisha, he didn’t reveal to me anything, Balraj didn’t tell either. Ahana says they just worry for business, not our characteristics and feelings. Mishka says they are up ’til now humiliating us, Rudra recognized Prisha and her youngster as well. He gets some data about control by the court. Ahana says Prisha got the death penalty, yet her dad saved her. Mishka says you have to render revenge for Rajeev’s downfall. Ahana says you have to manage Mishka, promise me, you won’t leave them. He says I won’t leave them. He goes. Ahana says game is on.

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