Yeh Hai Chahatein 12th Mar 2020 Episode Written Update (12/3/2020)

Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Updates

Yeh Hai Chahatein 12th March 2020 Written Episode Update, Star Plus Serial “Yeh Hai Chahatein 12 March 2020 Written Update”on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Balraj Gets Violent

Air Date: 12 March 2020

Full Written Update: Yeh Hai Chahatein 12/3/2020 Episode Start with Prisha wait Rudraksh to say sorry. Yuvraj came. He asks why you come here. He says you change for the sake of money Rudraksh, I have changed and got destroyed in order to save, I can see you wear expensive clothes and jewelry, you call it a drama, you do not need me, because I had poor. She asks him to leave. He asks her to come with him. He says I give custody Saransh for Rudraksh. He says I know, I will ask my lawyer friends to the case file. He said that as you saved me from death, really, I’m not going to let Saransh fall in trouble, you leave me with Rudraksh, I will not go. He thought of taking the necklace from him. Balraj scolds Sharda to provide ancestral necklace to Prisha.

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Ahana say may Prisha its stuck in his words. He saw Rudraksh and Saransh go. He says they’ll be taken when we were here, there is something wrong, Prisha … Balraj said now I have to show place. Yuvraj said Prisha so sorry, I’m going, I could hug you, really, please. Prisha nodded. Yuvraj hug and say I love you Prisha, I miss you a lot. He removes the necklace. She said once I got custody of Saransh this, everything will be fine. He smiled at the necklace and put it in his pocket. Balraj and everyone came. Balraj asks what happened here. Balraj asks what you do with this water. Ahana think this is better, Prisha character will get a blast, I will expose Prisha and Yuvraj. Yuvraj said I was going to get water. Ahana stop. He said this waiter wandering around Prisha. How can he have an affair with a waitress. Prisha say anything like that.

Ahana say you just hugged, we arrived early, else we will see more scenes, I know the low-level, think of our level. Saransh bad aunt said. Rudraksh asks him to go to his room. Saransh said I was not going to leave mumma. Prisha asks him to leave. Saransh ask Rudraksh promise, he will support and care Prisha. Rudraksh promise. Saransh go. Ahana say I feel bad for Saransh. Mishka and Ahana Prisha insult. Ahana Yuvraj asked his name. He said Punnu. Mishka laughing. Ahana said I knew his face, Prisha former lover, that the lawyer failed, Yuvraj. She was worried. He took off his fake beard and mustache. Everyone was surprised. Ahana say see them.

Gopal and Vasu looking Prisha. Saransh come and say everyone mad at mumma. He said something had happened there. Gopal and Vasu hurry. Balraj slap Yuvraj and scolds him. Prisha ask what you are doing. He asks her to shut up, he has shown the level of today’s action. He tells you to enjoy with your ex-lover in our house, whether your parents teach it to you, it was my mistake to leave a place in my family is respected. Gopal and Vasu come. They stopped Balraj and debate.

Balraj said Bahus and our daughter does not do cheap things, which your daughter doing with this guy. Vasu asked who he was. They saw Yuvraj. Gopal asked why you came here. Balraj said she would come to steal anything, he is a thief. Ahana said someone would help him to get an entry. Prisha say no. Ahana ask where is the necklace that Sharda give you, our ancestors necklace. Prisha told me to wear it, where it goes, maybe it fell somewhere. Mishka says it is not a small nose pin fall, it is a great necklace. Sharda ask how can you be so careless. Prisha say I have been wearing it. Ahana said she did not appreciate it.

Mishka says you have to see if he deserves it, find it. Yuvraj thought I was stuck with Prisha and now I am going to get caught with this necklace. Ahana see rope necklace and thought in his pocket, now is residual respect Prisha also missing. He asked Prisha do you lose a necklace or give it to someone. Prisha asked me why I would give it to anyone. Ahana say you come here, emptying your pockets. Prisha ask why you told him, he did not do anything. Ahana say you shameless to support h

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