Write For Us

We at Telly Updates are always looking our for new authors for guest posts as well as freelancing. 

So, if you have any unique idea for our readers and if you can move our industry ahead, then we surely want to hear about it. 

Besides this, writing for Telly updates requires hard work. We want the article to be unique and best. 

Once the article is accepted, then you will get a feedback from us and further our editor will tell you about any revisions that might be required. 

Writing for us is always rewarding as you can grab thousands of eye balls which may turn out to be your client or potential employers in future. Also, in the process you are surely going to learn a lot of things. 

What Are We Looking For? 

You can submit a partial draft, rough draft or a short pitch having an outline. 

It is recommended that the submission that you would send to us is meaningful such that we able to give you better feedback. 

Also, you should keep in mind that we accept content that is original and we don’t publish on our blog any matter that has been already published. 

Further, make sure that you don’t send us any sales pitch or press releases. 

Before you make any submission, it is important that you look at the recent articles and style guide for formatting and structuring purpose. 

Additionally, avoid any kind of plagiarism or grammatical mistakes. 

What Articles Do We Publish?

We publish articles anywhere between 350 – 650 words depending on the subject complexity. It should be related to cutting-edge and current topics related to Entertainment, Humour, Movies Reviews, Trending News, Spoilers, Episodic Analysis and Poll Zone to name a few. 

How to Submit? 

You can email your submission at Tellyupdatesteam@gmail.com in the form of google documents such that it can get easy for our editors to provide feedback as well as guidance directly into your file. 

Once your submission has been accepted, then we will notify you about the changes to make. On the other case, if it is accepted directly, then we will let you know through email.