Woman hurt by police action, warns, ‘I will commit suicide in front of police station with children’


Panipat (Sanjeev): Despite complaining of threatening and forcing self-immolation against 3 financiers and a lawyer, a woman hurt by not taking any action by the police has given an ultimatum that if the accused are not arrested soon, then the police station Will commit self-immolation in front of her children. The woman alleges that due to the relaxation of the police, her husband has also been kidnapped. Police Model Town Police has intensified the investigation by registering a case.

A woman resident of Ganga Ram Colony said that she had taken a loan from Sharif about Rs.30,000 to open a cosmetic shop. In which the accused was given a check as a guarantee. She is also giving interest of Rs 1500 for the said amount every month, till 6 February advance interest has been paid. During this time, he has also returned 10 thousand rupees after earning from the shop. On 23 January, a person named Praveen called him and threatened that if he did not return all the money, he would deposit the check in the court.

She arrived at the shop of accused Sharif the next day to discuss the matter. Where pre-existing Praveen, Sharif, Ayub, Majid abused her and threatened to kill her. To which he gave a complaint to the police. Later, after arranging the money in some way, he returned 20 thousand rupees of the accused to the police in the police station itself. But even then, the accused did not return his check. Due to this stress, on February 14, she tried to die by eating poisonous substances, but she survived.

The accused had threatened to kidnap him in the police station and kill him. To which he gave a police complaint. Her husband has been missing since February 20, the next day of filing the complaint. She suspects that her husband has been kidnapped by the said accused, as accused Ayub and Majid are also missing from the same day. Had the police arrested the accused in time, her husband would not have been abducted. Now along with the husband, there is a danger to her and children’s lives as well. If the police do not take action against the accused soon, then they will be forced to commit self-immolation along with the children in front of the police station.


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