Wing Commander Abhinandan appeared in a different look after his release from Pakistan, flying with Dhanoa


New Delhi (Online Desk).Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthman, the Veer Chakra winner Wing Commander, is no longer an observer of any identity. His name was first heard by the country and the world in the year 2019, when India conducted an air strike (Balakot Air Strike) at terrorist camps located in Balakot, Pakistan. On 27 February 2019, he shot down Pakistan’s modern F-16 fighter aircraft with his MiG-21 fighter aircraft. This was also a big event in itself. This was also because they were even named as flying coffins due to accidents with these planes. After this air strike, Pakistan neither confessed that any of its jets were shot down in this way nor did it confess to the death of the pilot. However, it was definitely mentioned in the local report. Pakistan has never confessed that terrorist camps exist in Balakot.

Vardhaman’s jet crashed during this air strike and he was arrested. On 28 February, Pakistan agreed to leave Vardhman in good standing. However, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, while announcing this, described it as a friendly attitude of Pakistan in the House, while the reality was that Pakistan was worried that if Vardhaman was not left, he would be in bad shape. This thing has now been fully exposed to the world. A video of this truth is going viral, which is opening his bud.


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