Will give life for the people of Gorakhpur and Uttar Pradesh – Ravi Kishan


Rupeshkumar Gupta, JNN. Film actor and MP Ravi Kishan came live on Dainik Jagran’s Instagram page. On this occasion, he interacted with Jagrita New Media Senior Editor Pratyush Ranjan. On this occasion, he spoke openly on many topics.

Ravi Kishan is also an MP from Gorakhpur and he is in Mumbai due to the lockdown. Ravi Kishan was also seen helping the laborers going from Mumbai to Uttar Pradesh. When asked about this, he said that he would die for the people of Uttar Pradesh and the Gorakhpurites. Due to this, he tries day and night to solve the problem of laborers. Ravi Kishan also told about the fact that many actors in the film industry are also on the verge of starvation. Ravi Kishan said that he personally did many artists Has helped

On this occasion, Ravi Kishan also talked about his film journey. He said that he did not give up his desire to work in the film and he believes that dreams come true by heart. He also told about his first Bhojpuri film How the mother had called and asked whether she should work in this film, after which she also told about many blockbuster films. Ravi Kishan said that he does not work selfishly. He never worked as an actor after becoming a leader. Ravi continued to work as a servant. On this occasion, people also advised people to stay home and take care of themselves during the Corona disaster.


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