When men used to manage the work, they were lazy, the task assigned to the women workers was amazing.


Prem Narayan Dwivedi, Gorakhpur. Indian Railway The picture of the mechanical factory of the Northeast Railway has changed. What the management entrusted the task of trimming shop to the women was amazing. The goal which was not able to be met with men, is now being achieved more than that. These 34 women working in the factory’s trimming shop, or the real house, have strong support for the factory, which is struggling to save credibility. The recorded qualitative increase in production has served to inspire other colleagues.

In the trimming shop the seats of the general bogies of the train are prepared. A year ago, even 200 seats were not available in time, today these women workers are preparing about 300 seats with quality every day and on time. As of December 2018, both men and women worked jointly in the trimming shop. At that time, problems of quality, not just productivity, often arose. Seats often had to be rebuilt in order to remove flaws. The factory management took a big step and handed over the shop to women in January 2019, even after a million attempts. If the management expressed confidence, they also proved it.

Within a year, women employees have changed the appearance of the shop. When the work environment was ready, the quality automatically increased. Now seats do not have to be rebuilt. Supervisor Raymond Paul says that now there is no problem in putting seats in bogies on time. Seats are also getting better prepared. Here, women who get jobs on compassionate grounds are placed on priority.

Junior Engineer Kavita Singh said that the management has increased the honor of women by giving opportunities. All women work with full devotion. Very modern machines and other facilities have also been provided for women.

Shop worker Anita Yadav told that I have been working in the factory for 11 years. Earlier the situation was not good, now a better environment has been found. Whatever goal is met, we all meet it with betterment. Factory management also pays attention to facilities.

Pankaj Kumar Singh, CPRO, Northeast Railway, said that the women working in the mechanical factory have proved their ability. Railways have benefited from their dedication.


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