Waters submerged by light rain, water enters inside the hospital – can still rain


Patna, JNN. Due to the pressure of cyclonic winds on Monday in Western Disturbance and Eastern Uttar Pradesh, on Tuesday, rains lashed most parts of the state including the capital. There was sudden darkness in the day due to unseasonal rain and rain. People started driving with the light on. Many mohallas were flooded. Patients and timbers had to face a lot of trouble due to rain water inside the NMCH.

Today it might rain

Rabi crops prepared by rain have also suffered damage. Scientists at Patna Meteorological Center say that there is a possibility of rains in most parts of the state including the capital on Wednesday. The capital recorded 13.5 mm of rain on Tuesday. The maximum temperature in the city was 23.4 and the minimum was 18.3 mm. Humidity in the capital was 86 percent. The cold has also increased. Meteorologists say that western disturbances in the foothills of Himalayas on February 27 could make the weather worse. Apart from Patna on Tuesday, Gaya, Bhagalpur also received good rains. The afternoon rains in the capital also caused water logging in various areas.

Benefits to wheat and mango, loss to mustard and gram

Unseasonal rains are expected to benefit wheat, mango and litchi crops. Mustard, lentils and gram may be damaged. Bijendra Mani, deputy project director of the Agricultural Technology Management Agency, says that at present the crop of mustard, lentil and gram is on flowers in most of the fields. They will suffer. Wheat needed irrigation, it would benefit greatly. The rains will eliminate pests of mango-litchi plants. Farmers should now spray sulfur on mango crop, this will bring good results.


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