Vighnaharta Ganesh 7th Nov 2019 Episode Written Update (7/11/2019)

Vighnaharta Ganesh Written Updates

Vighnaharta Ganesh 7th Nov 2019 Episode Written Update, Vighnaharta Ganesh November 7, 2019 Episode Written Update on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name : N/A

Episode Air Date : 7 November 2019 (7/11/2019)

Written Update :

The scene begins with bhandasoor asking prabhu ganesh for what good reason this is going on inspite I contemplated to you so mata parashakti clarifies him what you will comprehend about reflection which you accomplished for your childishness just so bhandasoor reveals to her that you don’t think ganesh is my introduction to the world dad however I myself am my introduction to the world dad and ganesh feels astounded hearing this and additionally he is clarifying about ganeshji’s conduct so basic and he exploited him in different manners. He continues giving subtleties how he exploited ganeshji at different occasions. Mata parashakti chastens bhandasoor that you never comprehended ganeshji and he again challenges mata to let ganeshji to confront me and mata reveals to him that I acknowledge your demand and she likewise guarantees that till ganesh doesn’t give me signals till them I won’t assault you by any of my weapons and this war will be battled with ganesh’s minds and he acknowledges it. Ganesh is confounded how did mata kept such sort of guarantee.

Mata is clarifying bhandasoor who are you ,me and pratham pujya ganesh.

Ganesh says mata has put all duties on me and mata tells ganesh that according to my requests you were away from this combat zone and now you need to comply with my requests and no devi will utilize her weapons till you don’t give arrangements about it.

Bhandasoor is in astounding condition.

Ganesh is taking gifts from mata advising her as according to your requests I should confront this circumstance. Bhandasoor is telling ganesh you need gifts now. Ganesh clarifies bhandasoor that who ever gets mata’s endowments he gets everlasting. Mata paravati says bhandasoor is a trick not understanding that ganesh is having mata’s gifts who is extreme ground-breaking to clear out all wrongs.

Ganesh is cautioning bhandasoor that now your end has dropped by the entirety of your underhanded demonstrations to wrap up. Bhandasoor is additionally testing ganesh reminding how he murdered his very own little girl taking the weapon in his grasp and making ganesh feel to consider his little girl rashmiprabha. Bhandasoor utilizes his forces with his weapon hitting on the ground shaking the entire land and all are watching this.

All divine beings are viewing the perilous mountain saying bhandasoor will utilize this hazardous mountain.

Bhandsoor is calling those disasters on the mountain and they are applauding him while he is disclosing to them I am allowing you to do this abhorrent procedure and all state we are prepared to help you and bhandasoor is testing mata parashakti that you will perceive what I do and be prepared to confront and he is requesting his underhandedness to assault the mata as she had slaughtered you so he says I am prepared and he is preparing with his wild structure to assault mata, ganesh and her devi army’s.

All divine beings are astounded seeing who are these when every one of his shades of malice are murdered.

Bhandasoor is telling prabhu you should ponder who is this malice and you will get stunned what sort of weapon I have utilized by which you will get upset and ganesh is befuddled as bhandasoor is assaulting with his human forces demonstrating his little girl to ganesh. Kartik is additionally saying bhandasoor is upsetting ganesh with his little girl’s picture and ganesh is clarifying bhandasoor you might be attempting to redirect my consideration towards your little girl rashmiprabha however I won’t lose my control and as malicious creatures are coming running towards ganesh, mata and devi armed force’s so ganesh is confounded who would they be able to be and what can be the arrangement of bhandsoor’s this assault. Mata and all devi’s are seeing them coming towards them running quick while ganesh is stating for what reason wouldn’t i be able to think about answer for this and I can’t sit around to determine this.

Precap: Bhandasoor does enormous wickedness plan and ganesh calls amazing help to complete bhandasoor.


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