Vighnaharta Ganesh 30th November 2021 Episode Written Update (30/11/2021)

Vighnaharta Ganesh Written Updates

Vighnaharta Ganesh 30th November 2021 Written Episode Update Sony Tv Vighnaharta Ganesh 30th November Written Update on TellyUpdates.

Episode Name: Sudama & His Family Is Blessed By Prabhu Shri Krishna.

Air Date: 30th November 2021

Full Written Update: Vighnaharta Ganesh 30/11/2021 Episode Start with Ruler Shri Krishna attempting to take care of Sudama yet Sudama says I can’t because of my youngsters’ should be starving and Shri Krishna through his powers made food plates for his family and Sudama’s significant other sees food given by her better half’s companion Prabhu Shri Krishna who has favored them and getting exceptionally pleased with regards to it and asks Prabhu while Shri Krishna advises Sudama to have it as your family more likely than not eaten food till now asking him don’t trust me and he feels glad reasoning how I can’t have confidence in you and eats it.

Shri Krishna takes Sudama inside to converse with him and he is asking him didn’t you bring anything for me however he is becoming hesitant to give his Prabhu what he has brought so Shri Krishna takes from him the fabric pocket he has brought and observes Grain Chivda in it by which he likes advising his better half to see what sister in law has sent for me and as he eats one swallow Sudama’s family gets a wide range of food materials and as Shri Krishna eats second swallow Sudama’s family gets royal residence like safe house including the apparel to coordinate and as he is going to eat the third one then Shri Krishna’s significant other holds his hands hinting him through her eyes that in case you eat this then Sudama will accomplish your feet endowments as you have as of now honored his family with all that they required so let me have eat and she lets him know that let me additionally taste this as all you are eating it and he give her as well. Sudama feels honored seeing Devi additionally eating it.

Sudama withdraws from his Prabhu and goes towards his place yet imagines that when I’ll educate youngsters’ regarding how affectionately I was invited in Dwarka they’ll feel so cheerful yet how might I persuade my significant other with regards to not asking my Prabhu for help and as he arrives at he sees his place changed over into castle however attempting to take off from that point believing it’s not his home it appears to be but rather his better half comes calling him saying that your Prabhu has favored us with everything and he got so excited that they all applause Prabhu Shri Krishna. Sudama portrays all divine beings this way I was honored because of this Pooja I performed. Brahmadev clarifies that whoever does this Pooja gets every one of his desires satisfied getting gifts of their Swami and likewise this Pooja spreads adoring climate with practically no rivalry inside the family. Valli and Devsena feels to accomplish Swami’s consideration we use to contend which is off-base it appears and not to act this way once more.

Brahmadev says there is another example we need to gain from Raja Katyar who will describe with is own words. Raja Katyar portrays that I was a wood shaper in my last Birth by which I use to get everyday income for my family yet one day we were looking through a dry tree which we were unable to find. Three people in which Katyar likewise and they track down a dry tree subsequent to meandering such a huge amount all through the wilderness however Katyar sees that it’s not completely dried because of some live branch is still there with blossoms so he tells his companions to not to cut this but rather his companions declines saying after such a difficult situation of looking through we have observed one which will help our family so how about we cut it yet Katyar rejects saying that I will not which I feel isn’t great to carry out abhorrent thing with this tree yet assuming you wish then you can while I’ll look through elsewhere.

Katyar moves some place to look yet he observes Palace where Sudama was performing Pooja and feels how he got such a lot of rich and he asks Sudama for water and his significant other gets it a brilliant pot by which he gets again stunned that water in gold pot. Sudama gives him Prasad and he ties in his material bunch so Sudama asks him you are eager then for what good reason are you tying it and Katyar answers that my folks are exceptionally old so without them I eat nothing so Sudama lets him know that I’ll give you more for them and he is amazed considering how rich has he become who was so poor so he asks Sudama that you were extremely poor and Sudama lets him know yes yet I did this Shri Hari’s Satyanarayan Pooja by which I got endowments of Shri Hari and favored me this so consequently I didn’t halted this performing until the end of time. Katyar asks him how to do this would you be able to clarify me and Sudama gives him the tips.

Raja Katyar describes to all divine beings that this way my difficulties were cleared out from my life and I likewise turned into a Raja of my place later with endowments of Shri Hari. Raja Katyar describes another account of his introduction to the world as transporter who use to assist with peopling crossing the waterway which allowed him his everyday income. One day Katyar sees Shri Ram, Devi Sita and Shri Laxman and he supplicates them saying that I got favored with your rise here and Shri Ram lets him know will you make us cross this waterway however he gets befuddled so Shri Ram asks him what occurred and he communicates that I have heard as your feet contacts anything than everything changes so in case you enter my boat than might be my boat will turn out to be something like this by which my family would get impacted for my everyday life’s profit to take care of them and Shri Ram gets amazed hearing his trouble.

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