Vighnaharta Ganesh 27th Nov 2020 Episode Written Update (27/11/2020)

Vighnaharta Ganesh Written Updates

Vighnaharta Ganesh 27th November 2020 Written Episode Update, Sony TV Serial “Vighnaharta Ganesh 27 November 2020 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name:  Sudama’s Family Is Blessed Through His Prabhu Shri Krishna.

Air Date: 27 November 2020

Full Written Update: Vighnaharta Ganesh 27/11/2020 Episode Start with  Sudama says our hut has become palace only because of Prabhu & he finds all kind of wealth, monies & comfort. Sudama remembers the Brahman who suggested him all this to do so understands he was none other than his Prabhu itself but wishes from his Prabhu that only if you could had emerged with your actual form in front of me to get your blessings & Sudama takes oath of doing this Pooja every mass until Prabhu does not emerge to bless him & he is performing the same Pooja every mass & one day Prabhu Narayan emerge to bless Sudama saying this birth you’ll enjoy this beautiful life now & again next birth you’ll take by the same name but as a friend of my avatar Shri Krishna.

Sudama tells Ganesh & all gods this was the story of first birth of Sudama & then he took next birth also as friend of God Shri Krishna. Child Shri Krishna & Sudama are playing & once Krishna finds raw mangoes so tells Sudama to let’s eat together but first you eat says Krishna to Sudama & he eats one but tastes salty so due to not to make Krishna eat salty fruit he started eating all but one left & Krishna says now I’ll eat but Sudama forces him no I’ll eat & tries squeezing it but Krishna stops him taking & eats himself but tastes salty & understands saying that so this is why you were not making me eat salty fruit & Krishna hugs him as Sudama feels emotional weeping for Krishna.

Sudama narrates that later they both grew up but Shri Krishna being a Raja surrounded with maids around serving him & Sudama in very poor condition. After some years Shri Krishna & Sudama grew up but Krishna became a Raja while Sudama is married but in very poor state of life who also cannot provide food to his family. One day Sudama’s wife tells him to go & ask help from your friend Shri Krishna of whom you are so devoted so much flowing everything whatever you get on his prayers & insufficient for our children’s but he wishes against it saying that now my Prabhu is a Raja & me in such poor conditions who doesn’t have anything for to offer also then Sudama’s wife tells him to take grains what we have now as he’ll accept from you anything if he is your true friend & he plans to leave.

Shri Krishna is enjoying service from his maids while his wife happily preparing tasty food for him & Sudama moving towards Krishna’s palace & as he reaches till the palace gate the guards stop him while Shri Krishna gets Sudama’s intuition & runs towards him saying my childhood friend has come. Sudama tells the guards that I have come to meet my friend but guards tell him this is palace of Shri Krishna & your conditions do not show you can have any suitable friend here & they laugh on him but Sudama says I know that’s why I am here to meet him as he is here itself while Shri Krishna is running towards Sudama & all maids as well as his wife is following him but guards ask him who is your friend & who are you so Sudama tells them my friend’s name is Shri Krishna & I am his devotee but they laugh on him again saying are you a fool as he is our Raja & you a poor person & Sudama is about to leave .

Shri Krishna comes running calling him as all people are watching & Sudama looks back as Shri Krishna gets overjoyed & emotional saying my friend Sudama is here & Krishna is trying to hug him but Sudama becomes reluctant thinking that I am so filthy looking & he a Raja but his Prabhu understands & hugs him on his own while all are surprised & shocked.Sudama narrates all gods that this way Sudama met his Prabhu Shri Krishna & all were watching their love of friendship so deep.

Shri Krishna takes Sudama into palace & offers his seat but Sudama says how I can sit on Raja’s seat but Krishna insists him emotionally for sitting & also washes his feet with his own hands to make him comfortable & seeing this all are surprised & shocked while Sudama & his Prabhu Shri Krishna become emotional weeping for each other in happiness. Shri Krishna orders all to arrange great food for his friend Sudama & Krishna himself is trying to feed him but Sudama tells him I won’t eat as he reminds about his family starving.

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