Vighnaharta Ganesh 26th November 2021 Episode Written Update (26/11/2021)

Vighnaharta Ganesh Written Updates

Vighnaharta Ganesh 26th November 2021 Written Episode Update, Sony Tv “Vighnaharta Ganesh 26th November 2021 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: An Evil Ghost Kills Gunvati’s Husband & Father

Air Date: 26th November 2021

Full Written Update: Vighnaharta Ganesh 26/11/2021 Episode Start with Bhudevi is constraining Narkasoor to comprehend her what she is clarifying as it’s not in any way great to challenge a Goddess however he is resolved saying for what reason wouldn’t he be able to in light of the fact that he is now booned by Prabhu Narayan itself. Ganeshji asks Mata Kamyaksha what sort of symbol will arrive at stop Narkasoor and she says a symbol who will be of Prabhu Narayan’s eighth Avatar Shri Krishna’s better half however he asks Prabhu Narayan has booned him he mustn’t be killed by any Avatar of Prabhu just as Devi Laxmi then how this symbol and Mata says the one who has taken birth and was dedicated herself to Prabhu Narayan who was adulated by her dad of her commitment and later she accepting resurrection as Devi Satyabhama who will be extreme enemy of Narkasoor.

Bhudevi again is attempting to clarify Narkasoor he is abusing his powers acting insidiousness and he yells saying he will likewise show Mata what he can do and will wed hundred delightful ladies before her and let me see what she can do. Mata hearing him says Narkasoor is welcoming his demise very soon it appears. Prabhu Shri Krishna is playing woodwind while Devi Satyabhama is laying quietly on his shoulders and later she asks him what sort of good deeds she had done in her previous existence because of which she got gifts of turning into his significant other as she is driving this life extremely basic without taking any kind of action uncommon and he clarifies her what she was in her last birth.

A lady named Gunvati was brought into the world to his actual lover Brahman and Chandra his understudy was hitched to her and they all were given to him. One day Gunvati performed supplications alongside them including her companion moreover. Her dad consistently applauded Gunvati for her commitment towards Prabhu who had shown her the genuine worth in Prabhu’s dedication. On that day her dad and her significant other Chandra were leaving for work in wilderness yet she cautioned them of evil in way yet her dad told her when Prabhu is with them then, at that point, no concerns in light of the fact that at last human’s existence is taken consideration by Prabhu itself and Gunvati underwear her better half to consistently be other than him for taking consideration and he also guarantees her he’ll generally watch him.

They leave alongside any remaining residents yet while they avoid with regard to the house Gunvati sees as light passed over from Prabhu’s Pooja plate subsequently becomes anxious with regards to her dad and spouse’s life at serious risk while her companion quiets her platitude don’t be so freeze yet Gunvati says why she shouldn’t be so freeze on the grounds that there was no indication of air blown and everything was typical why the light was brushed off. Gunvati’s dad and spouse Chandra are moving alongside townspeople however her dad watches a malicious phantom arising out of a trusting that every one of them will draw close to him yet her dad alarms everyone of the apparition consequently to leave from any place they are while he’ll deal with him and every one of them are running while Gunvati’s significant other stops to monitor him remaining before his dad in law and notice the apparition .

He can’t hurt his dad in law yet that apparition says he’ll eat him and assaults with is sharp nails taking out his heart from his body and eats coming about he kicks the bucket henceforth Gunvati’s dad challenges the phantom saying he’ll be killed by his Prabhu’s powers yet he says who is here to kill him and he takes out his heart likewise yet before he takes out Gunvati’s dad curses him saying he’ll eat this for the last time since this will be the explanation of his passing and Gunvati’s dad additionally bites the dust by the apparition likewise kicks the bucket because of the revile.Every one of the residents bring their bodies while Gunvati breaks into tears sobbing for the two of them however townspeople acclaim her better half who protected her dad because of which he passed on first and Gunvati likewise felt pleased with her significant other. She likewise didn’t had cash to play out their last rituals thus she offered all her garments for cash to perform keep going rituals and later on committed herself to Prabhu Narayan.

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