Vighnaharta Ganesh 26th Nov 2020 Episode Written Update (26/11/2020)

Vighnaharta Ganesh Written Updates

Vighnaharta Ganesh 26th November 2020 Written Episode Update, Sony TV Serial “Vighnaharta Ganesh 26 November 2020 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name:  Sudama is blessed after performing Satyanarayan’s Pooja

Air Date: 26 November 2020

Full Written Update: Vighnaharta Ganesh 26/11/2020 Episode Start with  Brahman person who helped him by falling says still you are taking name of Shri Hari who isn’t caring for your suffering but Sudama tells him that I am completely devoted to my Prabhu Shri Hari & I have full faith in him that he’ll definitely bless me & the Brahman person suggests him if you are so much devoted to your Prabhu then take oath of performing Satyanaranayan Pooja for him to get his blessings & Sudama accepts his advise saying I will do this Pooja which you have suggested then the Brahman person asks him from where you’ll bring materials to do this Pooja & Sudama says that whatever I’ll get today I’ll perform Satyanarayan Pooja by that to first provide Bhog to my Prabhu then to everybody.

Sudama narrates this story to Ganesh & all Gods this way that Brahman person suggested me to do this Pooja but ahead there were more tests to follow. Sudama started begging while the Brahman person was none other than his Prabhu Hari Narayan who followed him appreciating his devotion. Sudama got lot of materials from everywhere by which he got so delighted thinking that now my family won’t starve & has plenty of food for them to eat & he goes to show them what he has got today but he sees them sleeping & feels to make them happy while Prabhu is following him saying this is what I want to see if he uses it before doing Pooja & Sudama gets alert thinking that I have taken oath of performing Pooja of this materials first to provide Bhog to Prabhu tomorrow then only all can eat but gets confused how should I tell family?

While Sudama is narrating Ganesh thinks that the surrounding is silent but feels something is left behind or is somebody arriving while the third daughter Mansa is thinking saying still nobody has invited me for this Pooja or have they forgotten me? Sudama’s wife sees him arrived & gets happy thinking he must have brought something but instead Sudama is hiding it & she sees him feeling tired & confusing so tells him to not to bother & we’ll get tomorrow while children’s also wake & try to calm him but then Sudama tells them that I have got lot of materials but I have taken oath to first perform Satayanarayan Pooja with this inviting guests & after putting Bhog to Prabhu & distributing to everybody then only we’ll have this so they all happily support his decision distributing work within each other & wife also telling him that yes first to offer Bhog to Prabhu, Guests then we’ll have & next day they begin arrangements.

Devi Laxmi expresses Prabhu Narayan that this family is so lovable & attached to each other that they have to be helped with everything. All guests arrive while Satyanarayan Pooja arrangements were ready but Sudama was wondering why Brahman person hasn’t come yet & Brahman person also arrives to begin the Pooja. Pooja finishes by chanting name of Shri Hari Narayan & Sudama starts distributing Bhog Prasad to everybody while his children’s are feeling happy now they’ll also get to eat after all guests finishes but after finishing guests only one pouch remains to give it to Brahman person but Brahman suggests him to give your family also as Prasad is good to provide to guests but should also be kept for family but Sudama tells him first all guests should be given & you are also part of it as guests are always God’s sent people whom we should not send empty stomach or my family will suffer & no matter as my Prabhu will definitely pour his blessings on me & my family.

The Brahman person feels his devotion so emotionally attached to his Prabhu & also sees his children’s feeling very hungry so he tells Sudama that see on the other side that because of this Pooja it feels you & your family are blessed by your Prabhu as there is a plate full of Prasad Bhog & Sudama & his family get overjoyed seeing a whole plate containing lot of pouches of Bhog Prasad & they eat it very happily while Sudama prays his Prabhu pouring his blessings on him & family. Sudama wishes Prabhu praying that I do not wish any wealth or money for my wife & children’s but I should be able to provide them food daily & not remaining empty stomach & hearing these prayers a stormy rain starts pouring .

Sudama goes to save his hut by getting wet so that family should not affect but his hut is leaking & he is placing pots for water to fill while he sees the Brahman from window wondering why he is sitting here still under rains & goes to provide him shelter taking him inside & Brahman sees the state of place Sudama staying with his family so Brahman advises him I’ll sleep outside where you had done Pooja & you be with your family but Sudama’s family also insists Brahman to sleep here only then too Brahman feeling their so great devotion, refuses telling them I’ll sleep out itself while Sudama also tells Brahman that I’ll too sleep besides you giving you fan & as Brahman is sleeping Sudama also gets sleep but when he wakes up in the morning he finds himself around Palace surrounding greenery & all those wealth having Raja’s costumes on him & also looking like a Raja. Sudama & his whole family is blessed by Prabhu Hari Narayan due to his deep devotion towards him.

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