Vighnaharta Ganesh 24th July 2021 Episode Written Update (24/07/2021)

Vighnaharta Ganesh Written Updates

Vighnaharta Ganesh 24th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Sony Tv “Vighnaharta Ganesh 24th July 2021 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Soorasahi Is Targeted By Her Daughter Expressing About Her Truth.

Air Date: 24th July 2021

Full Written Update: Vighnaharta Ganesh 24/07/2021 Episode Start with  Soorasahi is communicating her thought process of battling with kartike by forfeiting everyone including if it’s my child or’s child, to her better half and this is heard by her little girl and other child as well. Soorasahi’s significant other gets messed with on her however reveals to her that I have given you the endowments so let whatever occur with you now I’m not worried.  Ganesh is examining plans with vishwakarma while kartik is recollecting about how devsena is given towards him while devsena too is watching kartik from the peacock piece and gets pleased while kartik also is watching her from the moon.

Ganesh asks kartik is it wonderful while he communicates about devsena and ganesh asks who lovely then kartik quickly gets conscuious and asks him what delightful and ganesh says I got some information about bhawan worked by vishwakarma and he says yes that is great while ganesh comprehends kartik’s opinion and kartik communicates with vishwakarma. Soorasahi’s girl and the other child are examining about how mother is so barbarous towards us and he designs with her to come clean to soorapadman and he goes there yet while he will come clean soorasahi comes asking what is reality and he is shocked about his mom there and he talks something different while soorasahi smells off-putting and talks with him insulting and likewise cautions her other little girl’s that I will rebuff you however this isn’t the ideal opportunity as the attention is on the conflict ahead us so she orders to call all her child’s to prepare for battle while her little girl in law cries saying I don’t wish to lose my child’s presently.

Vishwakarma is building a shut space for examining plans and ganesh with kartik and any remaining divine beings are talking about of what could be their arrangements presently is to consider. All are showing up in the bhawan of soorasahi and all are applauding soorapadman however her other child is contemplating her mom’s arrangements. The asoor ruler is prompting ganesh and kartik about soorasahi’s inner self while kartik clarifies about how conscience kills such indecencies however their arrangement can be distinctive too which we need to figure whom she’ll send ahead as soorapadman can’t come himself and vishwakarma gives them the clue who would it be able to be. Soorasahi’s child asoorendra comes asking soorasahi saying no one can be bursting at the seams with my forces and I also need to deliver retribution of my dad and he shows his fire forces to all.

Kartik is saying this child is extremely amazing who can make annihilations yet I figure he will not be sent while vishwakarma additionally giving subtleties of other child’s as well. Adhimukham comes imploring soorasahi and wishes to go on to battle with kartik and all truism I am extreme to kill all while kartik says thinking he also can’t come however they’ll pick another person and to see who would it be able to be. Soorasahi requests all from them where is my child bhanugopan when I had called everyone here and soorapadman reveals to her that he is in contemplation. Soorasahi tells soorapadman that there is no need of reflection now as he has effectively accomplished the shiv weapon so he must be called here however her child and little girl are feeling discouraged about their mom getting egotistical and attempting to forfeit us so her little girl articulates depressingly against her mom yet soorasahi is yelling her truism I am your mom and likewise soorapadman too yells her while soorasahi is blowing up .

She doesn’t quit saying that now I will come clean with all and no one can stop me so she is telling about her relationship with mahendrapuri’s best and mom had advised me to call them yet I never realized she will sell out me and she examined about my joy with them and she gave desserts with poison and killed them all. Soorasahi clarifies her rationale what she needs to do in her life and not leave our local area of asoor, to her little girl. Soorasahi’s little girl portrays how savage can our mom be who killed my caring individuals and soorapadman gets amazed hearing this and puts down his weapon and likewise his other sibling also feeling how mother can be merciless however soorasahi plans to kill her girl currently watching this to save herself.

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