Vighnaharta Ganesh 15th October 2021 Episode Written Update (15/10/2021)

Vighnaharta Ganesh Written Updates

Vighnaharta Ganesh 15th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Sony Tv ” Vighnaharta Ganesh 15th October 2021 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Bhudevi Marries Prabhu Narayan’s Avatar Waraha.

Air Date: 15 October 2021

Full Written Update: Vighnaharta Ganesh 15/10/2021 Episode Start with Prabhu Narayan arising in his structure to show abhorrent Hiranyaksh who he is nevertheless that underhanded still has conscience saying this is only a stunt what he is observing however he will not stop his assault towards Bhudevi while Prabhu again comes in type of symbol Waraha and lets him know he can’t have the option to assault her now yet fiendish attempts subsequently symbol Waraha assaults his Sudarshan chakra and the malicious Hiranyaksh holds the chakra while every one of them are considering how is it possible that he would hold Prabhu’s chakra and detestable says this chakra he’ll use to assault Bhudevi yet symbol Waraha assaults him penetrating his tooth in his stomach and executing him with the equivalent chakra bringing about his demise and Waraha brings his spirit into him.

Every one of them acclaim symbol Waraha while he watches Bhudevi sobbing subsequently asks her for what good reason she is crying now when the evil is dead and she lauds him for saving her with his forces lifting her on his tooth so puts her desire to wed her and the two of them get hitched and later bringing forth a youngster who was named Narkasoor by Waraha on solicitation of Bhudevi yet Waraha says he needs to leave now since he has taken symbol thus he will not have the option to live with her yet Bhudevi asks him this name is by all accounts to some degree bizarre which may get abhorrent conduct him and Waraha says he has felt insidious presence in him yet assuming she takes care appropriately, he will not become detestable and withdraws from her.

Ganeshji inquires as to whether Narkasoor was brought into the world to Bhudevi and Waraha then how he became abhorrent and Brahmadev says it was in his future life because of which he became underhanded on the grounds that while childhood him by Bhudevi she wasn’t permitting him to leave the Ashram because of evil encompassing in that space where they remained. Narkasoor grows up while Bhudevi deals with him a great deal however he asks her for what reason she never permitted him to go out and she says here just the two of them resemble each other subsequently no one is here like them. When she goes to bring a few materials from town however cautions Narkasoor to not to leave Ashram while he advises her to bring sweet organic products for him so she advises him to do contemplation till time she shows up.

Narkasoor sits for contemplation yet hears some voice talking inside one another thus he moves out to see however discovers some young men taking natural products and they are attempting to flee from the proprietor of the ranch who is getting them. Narkasoor utilizes his stunt to push stone with his leg by which the proprietor tumbles down and those young men are saved. Every one of those young men assemble to circulate natural products in themselves yet one them asks who saved them and Narkasoor comes to lets them know he saved. They are presenting themselves while Narkasoor demands them to make them their companion yet one them is child of an Asoor who tells him thy are Asoors so he needs to substantiate himself acting like them and allows him opportunity to permit them to take in his own home and he permits them yet takes guarantee from that kid he’ll make him likewise his companion with others and the kid embraces him and every one of them continue acting underhanded upsetting defenseless individuals taking and purposely utilizing their forces on them.

Bhudevi ponders thinking where Narkaoor has gone yet he returns holding natural products and she reprimands him saying she never figured he would take in his own home however he says she had likewise lied him telling no one resembles them here except for parcel of young men he found and she says she showed him right since this entire region is covered with insidious Asoor individuals and he says he has additionally become like them now which he wished life like this yet Bhudevi is attempting to clarify him while he is resolved on his malevolent conduct stand.

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