Vighnaharta Ganesh 15th November 2021 Episode Written Update (15/11/2021)

Vighnaharta Ganesh Written Updates

Vighnaharta Ganesh 15th November 2021 Written Episode Update Sony Tv Vighnaharta Ganesh 15 November Written Update on TellyUpdates.

Episode Name: Ganehs Trying To Calm Mata Mahakaali

Air Date: 15th November 2021

Full Written Update: Vighnaharta Ganesh 15/11/2021 Episode Start with Bhandasoor’s disasters are befuddled while bhandasoor is yelling them to assault and mata asks them have you got hallowed with my words while bhandasoor says we asoors are not to get frightened and ganesh likewise says that prior to beginning conflict bhandasoor is crushed I surmise and bhandasoor is saying I will not permit my indecencies to stop along these lines and they will assault while wrongs are talking inside one another how to handle with this devi mata matangi and one of them says that I am blood evil so I will make ruin with my assault and ganesh seeing this says that they are attempting to assault devi’s military so as they take a stab at assaulting then mata matangi annihilates their assault.

The evil is telling mata that we are blood wrongs and the amount you kill us more blood indecencies will be made and he says to mata that you are a moron to not knowing us while mata says that you are an imbecile as before me you will be cleaned out and mata shows her powers bu bringing mata kaali and kartik says mata kaali is incredible. The malicious says currently it’s sufficient as we need to work on something while mata kaali yells and hits the wrongs killing them and ganesh says mata kaali’s structure is amazing while bhanadasoor is stunned his such colossal indecencies getting killed. Mata tosses her weapon while indecencies are stunned. Mata is applauding devi chamnunda showing her powers again and ganesh including all recognition devi chamunda.

Bhandasoor sees this and yells them to assault all with devi’s and don’t stop so as they are assaulting mata is fighting back them hitting their standing put on air and they tumble somewhere near their place getting obliterated while bhandasoor says how might she rout my so tremendous asoors. The indecencies are pouring blood towards mata chamunda and she blows up by making her colossal structure saying now you will pay for this and ganesh says they have tossed blood on her so she has become more out of control now and will accomplish something peculiar and she is streaming the power from her mouth pulling all blood and she drinks all blood saying I want more and more blood now while all divine beings and goddesses are stunned seeing her this sort of structure.

Ganesh says in the event that mata’s resentment doesn’t quit, something wrong might occur and she has become wild while bhandasoor says this is the thing that I wished in light of the fact that annihilating this entire world will be my beginning of life as then, at that point, just bhandasoor will be left if at this is world is obliterated by my indecencies or any devi. Devi chamunda has become wild hitting the dance floor with outrage and ganesh clarifies mata matangi of mahadev due to whom her indignation could be controlled as father is indication of rudraksha to control all infuriates yet as mahadev is in type of sculpture and I have confidence that assuming mahaedv comes, just this mata can be controlled so ganesh demands father mahadev that we really want you as this current mahakaali’s resentment must be constrained by you so mahadev gets up and shows up telling her that the blood has halted so kindly quiet, if it’s not too much trouble, quiet, if it’s not too much trouble, quiet I demand you.

Ganesh says this additionally couldn’t help by mahadev attempting to stop her so presently I need to call mahashiv from all brahmand’s to stop her and she is as yet in wild structure moving. Mata says it’s requiring some investment for her to get quiet while saraswati mata additionally says that ganesh is fallen in a tough situation thinking what to do. Ganesh is reciting supplications for mahashiv and mahashiv gets up hearing ganesh’s petitions and comes telling devi mahakaali to stop. Bhandasoor is seeing from his rath saying that it is occurring what I had wished and who can stop her is under sculpture structure so he commends himself saying I have won. Mahadev is advising her to be quiet.

Ganesh is asking help from mata saying as I attempted a wide range of arrangements yet to no end so if it’s not too much trouble, help to end such insidious like bhandasoor while bhandasoor is joyfully snickering and ganesh is supplicating mata advising her to if it’s not too much trouble, hear me and kindly call mahashiv however she is let ganesh know that it’s past the point of no return now as mahashiv is in sculpture structure in which his powers is additionally leisurely diminishing in his structure while all divine beings and goddesses are stunned seeing this. Bhandasoor says mahashiv is becoming frail gradually while mata additionally says he is left with just some piece of his power presence. Ganesh says this ought not occur and you just show the answer for quit happening this or entire world will get annihilated.

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