Vidya 30 Oct 2019 Episode Written Update (30/10/2019)


Vidya 30 Oct 2019 Episode Written Update, Vidya in October 30,2019 Episode Written Update on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name : Vidya Prepares For Test

Episode Air Date : 30 October 2019 (30/10/2019)

The Episode begins with Avtaar asking Vidya to come. Santosh welcomes Vidya and tells about the DM’s organization. She goes. Avtaar says you likewise realize what will occur. Nanku gets back home. He blows up observing Ranjana. He indignantly slaps her. Nanku reprimands her. He says I couldn’t figure you could do this. Dadi asks what occurred. Jagat tells everything. Vidya reviews the mantra. She supplicates. Avtaar requests that her examination. Prem comes there and sees a vehicle. He says I will discover what’s going on. Avtaar sits instructing Vidya. Prem comes up with a rationalization seeing Avtaar’s man. He goes.

The man informs Avtaar concerning the fire in the rancher. Avtaar thinks about what to do. He gets his nephew Gajendra/Gappu and says this is Vidya ji, she is a teacher, you don’t need to think about, you need to show her, she is stressed, she is uneducated,

she needed to turn into a teacher by confronting an issue. He goes. Dharma asks Gappu does he need something. Gappu requests milk. Gappu sits instructing Vidya. She examines throughout the night. Everybody rests. Its morning, Vidya sits appealing to God for her family. She says whatever Gappu showed me, I wish to recollect that and do well in the class. Nanku’s mum does the aarti. Jagat alarms Nanku about the pastor.

Nanku says this is my dread, this makes my name greater, I will deal with everything by startling individuals, I don’t swindle the individuals with whom I work, that DM called me criminal, he will get Mukti today, he ought to have not considered me a cheat.

Vidya sees Prem dozing. The bamboo starts to shake. She rushes to spare him. She attempts to adjust the shade. Prem awakens and says I m fortunate to see you, you spared me, much appreciated, I will likewise help you now. Vidya says I needn’t bother with your assistance. Prem says I think you are maintaining a strategic distance from me, I realize you are concealing something, what’s wrong. She says let me go to class. He says you need to let me know, Avtaar has additionally gone to your home. She says I will yell in the event that you don’t let me know. He requests that her tune in. He gets a call. He says Sir, I need additional time, the issue is extremely convoluted here, alright.

Nanku is at the school. Tripathi and everybody stress. Dharma asks Maa to wake up. Avtaar comes to search for Vidya. He sees the book. He sees Gappu resting. He grins and sees the book. Vidya is at the school.


Vidya is at the school. DM says no should be cheerful for what she instructed.


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