Vidya 20th Mar 2020 Episode Written Update (20/3/2020)


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Episode Name: Vidya Catches Sushma

Air Date: 20 March 2020

Full Written Update: Vidya 20/3/2020 Episode Start with Vidya exploring a comparable condition rising in her school when she expected to get the understudy who cheated in the test. FB shows Vidya berating the youngsters for cheating. She sees a child stressed and gets him out. The child apologizes to her and recognizes his mistake. He says I will never do this. She says you should pass by locking in, go now. FB closes. Vidya gets Hema and says she has done cheating. Hema says I didn’t cheat.

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Vidya asks her not to lie, she has seen her hurling the chits. She says I didn’t articulate a word since it wasn’t harming us, I won’t remain quiet now, its bringing disaster for us, for what reason will we bear the control if you do an oversight. Hema says I didn’t do anything. Vidya sees another youngster laughing.

Munni and her mum are with Avtaar and Mahek. Avtaar asks by what means will change her thinking, are you helping Vidya or making burdens for her. Mahek says I m doing everything by instinct well, don’t stop me, trust in me. She says its pixie to discharge them, Roopa can do anything she needs.

Roopa and Munni go to the occupants. They ask how goes it with she, for what reason did she leave the town and go. Roopa says I have come to tell something, I have to tell someone’s reality. Local people ask what truth. Roopa says Vidya is definitely not a certifiable teacher. Local people get dazed.

Roopa says she isn’t a teacher. Avtaar and Mahek get pushed. Vidya asks Hema to recognize that she has done this. She sees the other youngster smiling. She demands that the understudies ask Hema to recognize her foul up, their time is getting wasted. She asks the other youngster Sushma to ask Hema to recognize the mistake. She says we in general need to form the test. Sushma says really, Vidya is right, I was startled and didn’t tell anything, I had seen Hema with the chits, she was hurling chits near the dustbin, Vidya and I are the spectator, expel her Sir, so we can form the test. Vidya slaps Sushma. Hema smiles.

Vidya says Sushma had got the chits in the class. Official says you are expressing Hema now and again and a while later Sushma, what’s happening. The lady asks Roopa is she joking. Roopa says it is definitely not a joke, Vidya is an oblivious, when I found a decent pace, I thought to uncover to every one of you, yet Avtaar had called me here, I will tell each parent at this moment.

Avtaar says she will demolish everything, we have to stop her and explain the townspeople, I won’t let anything mistakenly happen with Vidya. Mahek stops him. He says I can see your masterminding, everything will be destroyed in case I delay for extra, let me handle this now. She says you should trust in me, I m doing right, I can’t wish horrendous for Vidya.

The man asks Roopa not to state anything dreadful with respect to Vidya. He asks didn’t you see the school’s condition before Vidya joined, the educators didn’t achieve any work. He tells about the movements Vidya procured the school. He says the kids have gone due to Vidya, the school got acclaimed because of her, she was allowed by the guidance dept.

Roopa says govt. thinks nothing about it. The lady demands that her leave, if she wouldn’t care to get whipped, Vidya saved the youngster from fire. Local people recognition Vidya. They ask Roopa to review that Vidya saved Munni’s life from Nanku Singh. Kanni and various kids come. Kanni says Vidya has gone to Delhi, she has given us homework to do.

The child says she made a fair time table for us, we are following it. The lady asks Roopa to see, the youngsters are going to class because of Vidya, they disregard to play, anyway not to consider. She gets some data about her teacher, is she like Vidya. The occupants condemn Roopa.

Vidya asks Sushma what happened, is she enraged now. She says I expected to call Hema wrong to bring your existence out, I m seeing Hema since three days, she stays in contact with her test well, you do these tricks.

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Sushma says stop the junk, what check do you have against me. Vidya says I have the proof, we didn’t reveal to you that the chits were near the dustbin, how might you know, you did this and pondered it, Hema was discussing the fitting reactions with me yesterday, when did you see her hurling the chits.

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