Vidya 16th Mar 2020 Episode Written Update (16/3/2020)


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Episode Name: Vidya Gets Late For Her Exam

Air Date: 16 March 2020

Full Written Update: Vidya 16/3/2020 Episode Start with Vivek’s mum removing the phone line. She sees Vivek and says I comprehended my blunder, I will apologize to Vidya in the initial segment of the day, would you have the option to take me to the asylum. He says Vidya’s test is there. She says fine, I will go alone. He says we will go early and return, by then I will take Vidya for the test, don’t be furious with Vidya, she is endeavoring to remain dedicated to her responsibility. She says I have seen it, she is locking in, I m sure result will be sure. Its morning, Vidya stirs and supplicates. She sees the time. She gets staggered and says its 10am, my test is at 11am, yet I have spared the alarm for 8am. She floods.

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Vivek is in travel. His mum smiles and sees the time. He calls home. He says phone isn’t interfacing. Vidya looks for Vivek and his mum. She says conceivably both of them have gone out, I will get ready soon. He says I don’t have the foggiest thought how oil got over, I got the tank filled yesterday and didn’t go wherever. Vivek’s mum discharged the oil tank by hurting it. Vivek keeps endeavoring and says I have to reach Vidya soon, there is no taxi stay here. Vidya checks the phone. She sees the wire ousted. She says Vivek and his mum didn’t wake me up, I have to go now. Vivek endeavors to get lift. Avtaar is brought home from the facility. Maa manages him. Dharma and Bablu look on. Mahek goes with a pack for Avtaar. Dharma says something is going on between them, Mahek and Avtaar will marry soon, we are not getting any preferred position, Nanku is also gone, he used to give us money.

Mahek says this is for you. Avtaar asks what’s this. She says its called blooms. Avtaar asks Bablu to take it. Mahek says this is ghee, its for good prosperity. Avtaar asks Maa to take the ghee. He says I had offered this to her, so she is returning it, make something extraordinary and feed me, I m hungry. Mahek says I will come and ace cooking, I will have heavenly sustenance. Dharma demands that her come and remain, its Dharmashala. Dharma and Bablu leave. Maa asks Mahek to speak with Avtaar, she will continue to make some sustenance, she will show cooking some other day. Mahek asks did you speak with Vidya. Avtaar says no, she would have gone to give her test, I will call Vivek. Vidya thinks to enroll a taxi. She stops a taxi driver to utilize. He audits Vivek’s mum exhibiting Vidya’s pic and mentioning that he not let Vidya show up at the area on time. She checks her favors on him and solicitations that he give back. He offers thanks toward her for getting the taxi for him. FB closes.

Vidya leaves in the appraisal. Vivek says how to know with respect to Vidya. Vidya demands that the man drive brisk. Vidya wears the watch and offers sign to Vivek. Vivek’s watch is left at home. Vivek thinks I ignored my automated watch at home. The driver lies and takes her from other course. The test starts. Vivek and his mum are in travel. Vidya says you are driving since long time, is this the right course, stop the vehicle, I will continue to ask the way. He fights with her and solicitations that her leave. She gets some data about the area. He says the area is very far. She asks as to for what reason did the cabbie get me here. He says conceivably he deceived you for money, you will require 30 mins to reach there if you get any taxi. She sees the time and races to get a couple of taxi.

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Vivek’s mum showings to get exhausted. She stops him and says I can’t walk more. Vivek demands that her sit. He goes to get water for her. She chats with taxi driver. He says Vidya will require a great deal of time to show up at the area. Vivek gets water for her. He calls the landline again. Vivek endeavors to get lift. Vivek’s mum thinks Vidya won’t have the alternative to surrender test and miss the mark, by then their assurance and association will break. Vidya cries.

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