Vidrohi 25th November 2021 Episode Written Update (25/11/2021)


Vidrohi 25th November 2021 Written Episode Update Star Plus Vidrohi 25 November Written Update on TellyUpdates.

Episode Name: Kalyani and Baxi stops Bahubali from visiting Badamba

Air Date: 25th November 2021

Full Written Update: Vidrohi 25/11/2021 Episode Start with

Radha grins understanding her feelings, while Kalyani imagines that assuming individuals sees her wearing midriff chain then they will continue to scrutinize her. She believes that it can influence Baxi thus chose to give it to Radha. She demands Radha to keep her abdomen chain for at some point, while Radha concurs and keeps it securely.

Here, Tilottama hears their discussion and gets dubious with regards to Kalyani. She defies Radha and inquiries concerning Kalyani wearing the abdomen chain, to which last option says about it interfaces Kalyani to her mom. Tilottama questions that how might Radha trust her indiscriminately? While last option answers that she trust Kalyani as she trust her and disappears from that point. In the interim, Tilottama feels that she have additionally deceived Radha so often and proclaims that Kalyani likewise should conceal something.

Baxi prevents Bahubali from leaving for Badamba. He inquiries regarding the explanation, to which Baxi recalls his and Kalyani’s marriage. Around then Kalyani comes there and tell about the restrict of Badamba and Baxi’s realm. She says that they don’t need Britishers to find out with regards to it thus needs to stay quiet about it. Bahubali gets cheerful and embraces Baxi. He likewise cautions him to be cautious, not to hurt his relationship with Radha and Subarna to stow away with regards to the restrict.

Somewhere else, Kalyani says that she is here to take care of the restrict and prevents Bahubali from continuing towards Badamba. He leaves from that point, while a nail penetrates inside Baxi’s leg. He jumps in torment, while Kalyani gets stressed for him. She checks his injury and tears her saree folding over it. In the mean time, he continues to see her consideration and both had an eyelock.

Baxi goes towards his room, while Radha’s mom sees him. She sees the piece of saree around the injury and ask how Radha have done it, to which he tells her that it’s finished by Kalyani. She gets stunned, while he disappears. Radha comes there and gets stressed in the wake of learning over Baxi’s injury. She promptly goes inside the room without paying attention to her mom.

Ahead, Radha gets eased seeing the minor injury and gets shocked discovering that Kalyani folded her saree over his injury subsequent to seeing it. She meets Kalyani and shows her appreciation towards her. She embraces Kalyani and get some information about her wellbeing, while her mom gets disillusioned and ponders defying Kalyani.

As Radha leaves, her mom gets inside Kalyani’s room and shows her appreciation for thinking often about Baxi..she acclaims Baxi’s temperament and says that individuals can undoubtedly succumb to him. She request that Kalyani avoid him, while last option chuckles and looks at the considering Radha and her mom. Radha’s mom says that her little girl is honest and demands Kalyani not to come in the middle of Radha and Baxi.

Further, Kalyani giggles recalling Radha’s mom ideas. She says that she can never fall head over heels for Baxi as all the time they continues to battle with one another.


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