Vidrohi 1st February 2022 Episode Written Update (01/02/2022)


Vidrohi 1st February 2022 Written Episode Update, Star Plus “Vidrohi 1st February 2022 Written Update” on

Episode Name: Kalyani decides to leave Rodang

Air Date: 1st February 2022

Full Written Update: Vidrohi 01/02/2022 Episode Start with Kalyani choosing to leave Rodang for Baxi and Radhamani’s improvement. She leaves a letter inside Baxi’s room when he was resting and checks out him. She says that her choice will clear every one of the mistaken assumptions in their day to day existence and disappears from that point. She decides to meet Radha and brings her back. Afterward, in the first part of the day Baxi awakens while Banthara comes there getting some information about bringing Radhamani back. He announces that today he will make her return, while Banthara becomes invigorated.

Here, Baxi misses to consider the letter to be it tumbles down in the floor. He leaves from that point, while Banthara sees it and opens to peruse. She gets thrilled finding out with regards to Kalyani leaving from that point and says that now Radha will not have any obstacle in her daily routine and experience joyfully with Jagabandhu.

Tilottama whines about Amba to Baxi and request equity. He reprimands Amba for deceiving Tilottama alongside Gadadhar. He additionally request that Tilottama fail to remember Gadadhar as he have deceived her. Amba tumbles down on Baxi’s leg and request conciliatory sentiment. She tells that they were infatuated and have done this is since, supposing that the connection in the middle of them. She continues saying ‘sorry’ requesting a single opportunity to substantiate herself.

Somewhere else, Tilottama gives Baxi illustration of how solid the sensation of adoration is, while he recalls Kalyani. Amba additionally goes towards Subarna and request that she acknowledge her statement of regret. She cries sharply, while Subarna says that main Baxi can take choice for her. In the mean time, Jagabandhu chooses to allow an opportunity to Amba. Tilottama gets stunned and checks out him, while Subarna settles on last option stand consenting to Baxi’s choice.

Subarna lets Amba know that it is her last opportunity and announces that after this on the off chance that she ever against does any mix-up, she will not be saved. Amba shows her appreciation towards them and leaves from that point, while Tilottama continues to take a gander at them.

Ahead, Banthara advise Subarna about Kalyani’s choice to leave and feeds her sweet. She shows her energy, while Baxi likewise comes there looking for Kalyani. Banthara illuminates him about Kalyani leaving Rodang, making him stunned. He says that how might she do without illuminating him? To which Banthara answers that she is the princess of Badamba thus she don’t have propensity for asking anybody.

Banthara disappears being blissful, while Baxi educates Subarna concerning the discussion of himself and Kalyani in regards to Radha. He says that she more likely than not gone as a result of it and chooses to see as her. He arranges his gatekeepers to observe Kalyani and himself additionally attempts to look wherever he can, he recalls his minutes with her and gets passionate.

Further, Kalyani visits Radha and request that she return to Rodang as Baxi have returned. Radha ask Kalyani to leave while last option questions that for what reason there is such a large amount disdain in their relationship? She guarantees Radha that need nothing terrible for herself and tells that Baxi needs her. Radhamani orders the workers to plan for Kalyani’s return. In the mean time, Baxi misses Kalyani and request that she return as his home is fragmented without her.

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