Vidrohi 15th January 2022 Episode Written Update (15/01/2022)


Vidrohi 15th January 2022 Written Episode Update, Star Plus “Vidrohi 15th January 2022 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.

Episode Name: Subarna decides to punish Gadadhar

Air Date: 15th January 2022

Full Written Update: Vidrohi 15/01/2022 Episode Start with Subarna chipping away at the papers to rebuff Gadadhar. She request to engrave the authority paper of double-crossing against Gadadhar. Radhamani attempts to stop Subarna and tells that she isn’t doing well. She reminds that Gadadhar is her own youngster and states that everybody does some or different missteps. She takes represent Gadadhar expressing that he have thoroughly took care of her, while Subarna remains firm on her choice and inform that it’s important to rebuff him. She likewise tells that she doesn’t see relationship while rebuffing anybody and states that everybody is equivalent for her before her country.

Here, Subarna lets Radha know that she is settling on Baxi’s work simple by taking ruling against Gadadhar and ask Radha not to meddle in the middle of her equity. In the interim, Tilottama continues to cry inside her room. Gadadhar attempts to stop her and request that she trust him, yet she overlooks him. He makes her face him and tells that he just loves her.

Gadadhar misleads Tilottama that Amba had caught him. He uncovers that he simply used to have squash on Amba before his marriage, yet subsequent to getting Tilottama he doesn’t had any affections for Amba and she was the person who was attempting to come in the middle of them. He figures out how to controls Tilottama as would be natural for him and request that she converse with Kalyani to pardon him.

Somewhere else, Tilottama goes inside Kalyani’s room and attempts to persuade her to deliver Gadadhar. She says that he wasn’t to blame and faults Amba for everything. Kalyani answers that she can’t come in the middle of Subarna and her choice and attempts to clarify Tilottama about Gadadhar’s error, to which last option tells that everybody does a wrongdoing, though Gadadhar continues to hear their discussion.

Kalyani denies to Tilottama’s solicitation, while Gadadhar gets incensed and afterward chooses to escape the royal residence. Around then he envisions his inner voice who derides him for fleeing like a weakling. It advises him that he is a lion and request that he show something new to Kalyani. It urges him to render his retribution, while he returns inside Kalyani’s room.

Ahead, Gadadhar limits Kalyani’s options when she was dozing and begins pouring lamp oil all once again her room. She gets stunned and battles to free herself. He chuckles at her and derides about her circumstance. In the interim, the gatekeepers understands that Gadadhar fled from their eyes and starts tracking down them alongside Subarna.

The watchmen alongside others gets dumbstruck seeing Gadadhar attempting to kill Kalyani and attempts to stop him. He cautions them holding a fire light and says that he will consume Kalyani alive. Kalyani sees the oppertunity to free herself while he was taking a gander at the others and starts cutting her ropes.

Further, Kalyani gets effective and stops Gadadhar by putting red stew powder all over. He flinches in torment, while she snatches the fire light from him. He is sorry expressing that he simply needed to alarm her, while the gatekeepers chains him. Banthara alongside Tilottama gets stunned, while Subarna prevents them from intruding. She tells Kalyani that Gadadhar is her guilty party.

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