VIDEO: This bodybuilder, once a makeup artist, became champion in the bikini open competition breaking the gender barrier


It is said that every human has a goal and lucky people are able to achieve it. Navrita Josan may not be aware that she is set on her goal, but she is so sure that she has definitely broken the path that comes her way. Navrita is a makeup artist based out of Delhi. She works with a major international cosmetics company.

The identity of Navrita is not limited to this. 34-year-old Navrita, a resident of Jalandhar, is also a bodybuilder in the bikini category. Navrith was first in the NPC New York Grand Prix in New York in 2015 at the Bikini Novice and Bikini Open Competitions (Gold Medal). At the 2015 NPC Eastern United States Championships, she finished second in the Bikini Novice Competition (Silver Medal). The same year she finished third in the Bikini Novice competition at the NPC Fort Lauderdale Cup and fourth at the Bikini Open.

These achievements of Navrita may be remarkable, but this is only a small part. It tells how Navrita brought two different worlds (Makeup Artist and Body Building) together and very beautifully merged them. Navarit is a professional makeup artist and is also a bodybuilder. Navrita’s inclination towards body building occurred after seeing a participant in the gym.

In an interview, Navrita had said, ‘I first came to know about bikini body building in 2014. In the gym where my sister was, a participant was preparing for it. After that I started watching videos of body building. Navrita said that watching videos inspired her to become a bodybuilder. After this he thought of making a career in body building.


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