Video of a police employee doing illegal extortion at the viral


Nawanshahar (Tripathi): A video of policemen extorting drivers from a vehicle during a blockade in the town roads has become a topic of discussion all day today. Although the Police Department has denied the employees of the Punjab Police on the block, the excise department has also been suspected of belonging to the highway authority or mobile wing, not the said staff. The viral video claimed that the police employee demanded money from an auto driver. Similarly, other vehicles are being stopped by showing torches and money is also being collected from them if the paper is not complete.

SHO related to this Raho Subhash Bath told that his police station had not put any naka at the place indicated above and neither were they employees of Punjab Police. He told that the Excise Department has a barrier at this place, while the Excise Department has denied having such a barrier. Aetc According to Nawanshahar Jatindra Kaur, their noses are jointly with the police department. Currently, such a barrier is only running in tears, they have no place in any other place.


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