Vandalism inflicted by the youth, did not save life even after cutting both legs, died in PGI


Sangrur, JNN. In Sangrur, Punjab, there was a heartbreaking vandalism with a young man. Four people tortured him so much that whosoever narrated his soul trembled. His condition deteriorated as both his legs had to be amputated at Chandigarh PGI, yet he could not be saved. He died on Saturday afternoon in PGI. Doctors say that his condition suddenly worsened on Saturday.

This young man belonging to a Scheduled Caste family in village Changaliwala was beaten up with a pillar and was treated with shameful inhuman treatment. When the condition worsened, the youth was taken to Chandigarh PGI. Due to his condition being serious, the doctors had to cut both his legs. Both her legs were amputated after an operation at PGI on Friday. After this, his condition improved slightly, but on Saturday his condition worsened. After this, the doctor could not save him.

According to doctors, due to scratching the meat with any sharp thing and the placenta, the infection in the legs was enough. For that reason it was necessary to cut the legs. One leg was cut from the thigh and the other from below. After this, his condition suddenly worsened on Saturday. On the other hand, after catching up with the case, the police arrested the four accused and got remand for four days. This is also raising questions about the functioning of the police. The incident took place on 7 November and the police have now taken action. .

The four accused were roaming in the village for about a week and the victim’s family wandered for justice. DSP Buta Singh of Lehragaga said that a case has been registered under IPC and SC-ST Act on the charges of assaulting and inhuman behavior against Jagmel Singh. The accused were identified as Rinku Singh, Amarjeet Singh, Lucky and Binder.

The victim’s wfe Manjit Kaur said that the accused brutally beat her husband. Till inhuman behavior. Striked her legs with sticks and pulled the flesh from her thigh with a sharp tool, which caused her husband’s legs to be amputated and still lost her life. Her husband is killed due to the torture of the accused. Take the harshest action against the police accused and give them justice.

The Punjab State Scheduled Castes Commission has called for a report on the entire case. This report has to be given by 28 November. Explain that this incident was prominently featured in Dainik Jagran in Friday’s issue. Commission Chairperson Tejinder Kaur said that the Commission has taken this matter very seriously.

On the other hand, Poonam Kangra, member of the SC commission, said that the accused will be punished with the harshest. Any relaxation will not be tolerated. The SC commissions are with the victim and will be of all possible help.


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