Value, Standard and Hindi


In the last two decades, social media has broken the monopoly of certain classes on Hindi. There will be a speaker, a leader, a journalist, a writer, he will write ‘good Hindi’ or he will be listened to more, the same new paradigm will be created, this domination has got a strong challenge. In terms of any language, its monopoly or domination in the area weakens that language.

A common thing is often said that England has its own English and Australia has its own. Everyone uses their English in different ways. But it was not easy to break the linguistic dominance of uniformity in Hindi and if it got challenged then from the Internet.

Today everyone is bringing Hindi in their own way on the Internet. He has his own literature, society, family and everything in Hindi. The question is why it should not be considered as mainstream Hindi. Standardization of Hindi has a problem with everyone. There are problems with writers, also with journalists. His writing in the newspaper was accepted because if the newspaper is to be sold among the people, then you cannot show much airs.

You came to know that you are writing only by writing a reminder and people are also understanding. Different types of expertise are required to take note of the nukte. But when this article goes to a major publishing institution, it comes with complete standardization. Chandrabindu, Nukta are all planted. If the Prime Minister writes, the dot above ‘M’ will disappear and half the quantity of ‘N’ will be used.

It is said that Hindi was also made from Sanskrit. Yes, it was definitely made. But now why are we blocking the way forward for Hindi design. The entire Hindi literature is suffering from the problem of stopping it. It turned out that 500 copies of ‘Best Seller’ have been sold. But on the Internet, a new boy, an ordinary woman prepares his readership and takes ten thousand likes. He has not taken this like being part of any institutional structure. He has spoken appropriately without any hindrance.

There is quality in his fact. His language has firepower and he is communicating to the people, so he is getting likes, hearts and shares. Initially, people who understood its importance, started talking in their own way on the Internet, today they are not interested in any introduction. Now his social media town story is coming out of the novel raid with the Kuberi claim of ‘bestseller’.


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