Used to tease on the way, the teenager stopped going to school from August 15, now entered the house and stabbed the knife


Varanasi, In Uttar Pradesh, the sequence of incidents with women continues. On Saturday, unknown miscreants attacked the teenager with a knife at home. According to the teenager, this is her fourth attack. Each time, despite the police not taking any action, the spirits of rogues and miscreants have been elevated. This time, the miscreants entered the house and stabbed the teenager with a knife. At the same time, after committing the crime, he escaped from the accused.

The 17-year-old teenager from Rohanian-Parasupur region is a Class 11 student. He was attacked and injured by an unknown miscreant at home on Saturday evening. In this regard, the teenager gave a written tahrir to the police post Rajatlab and told that at about eight o’clock on Saturday evening, when she was in the house, someone came to the door and knocked on the door. She reached to open the door and as soon as she opened the door, the person standing outside attacked her hand with a knife, which caused her hand to be bled with blood. The person standing at the door was shackled, which she could not identify who was.

After the attack with the knife, the victim made a sound and started shouting, then the person who was strangled ran away the next time threatening to kill her. The teenager, along with her father, has given a police complaint at the police post Rajatlab and demanded the protection of her life. Told that on the way in the past, due to the raid and intimidation, he has left school since August 15. The student says that some people used to threaten her for a long time on the way. At the same time, police have registered the case and started identifying the accused.


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