UP Weather: The impact of climate change starts, rain till November and winter till Holi


Lucknow [Ruma Sinha]. Farewell in monsoon in November. Then record rain and coolness in January. Heavy rain in March, heavy damage to agriculture due to hailstorm. Do not miss warm clothes and quilts even after a week of Holi. This is definitely the effect of climate change.

The cycle of the weather seems to be slightly impaired this time. First, the monsoon returned by November and then record rains in winter and now rains in March. Holi week has passed but warm clothes and quilts are not missing. On Monday, the temperature in the capital recorded 5.1 degrees below normal. Hamirpur recorded 7.6 degrees Celsius, Jhansi 6.2 percent and Kanpur recorded a low of 6 degrees Celsius. That is, at this time the temperature should have reached 30 -31 degrees. JP Gupta, director of the regional meteorological center, says climate change is the reason for the change in the cycle of weather. This year, due to the Western Disturbance, there was a lot of snowfall on the mountains, while the rain in the plains also got more.

This time in March, there has been more rain than in previous years. 40.7 mm so far in the capital. Rainfall was 1073.4 percent more than normal. At the same time, the general 4.6 mm across the state. 37.1 mm more than that. That is, 804.9 percent rain was recorded. Not only this, rain also broke the record in winter. 98.4 mm in the capital in January. The rain was recorded. Even in March, warm clothes and quilts are not able to be missed due to the temperature being five-six degrees below normal. Even fog was observed two days ago.

What do officers say?

According to JP Gupta, director of the regional meteorological center, we all need to take it (climate change) seriously. Try that every person should cooperate with plantation in conservation of greenery. There should be minimum cut off so that the damage to the environment can be reduced.

Crops affected on 11.92 lakh hectares in 45 districts


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