Unemployed multipurpose health workers near the Chief Minister’s palace chanted ‘Hukka uchit hukka, e ghar bhukkha’


Patiala (Josan): The police administration succeeded in controlling the covert action of unemployed multipurpose health workers going to Lohri for employment from the Chief Minister’s palace at Lohri. Unemployed multipurpose health workers sitting in front of the local barandari garden ahead of last 29 December, kept the police administration confused on Lohri. Union leaders Sukhwinder Singh Dhilwan and Tarlochan Singh Nagra said that two batches of 11-11 members were prepared, which were seated at different places.

On the other hand, seeing the empty tents of the unemployed in the morning, the police got into a stampede as the union had to travel secretly to the palaces. .Dm Took to But along with the unemployed meeting, they were adamant on the Lohri of employment. He told that the police arrangements were taken to the Chief Minister’s palace to get Lohri further by giving assurance of getting a written panel meeting by the administration. Unemployed multipurpose health workers went to the Chief Minister’s palace and shouted slogans of ‘Hukka uchit hukka, e ghar bhukkha’. Leader Nagra told that the union agreed to carry the panel meeting and Kothi, and announced the continuation of the pucca front. He said that the struggle would continue until the unemployed were recruited.


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