Udaariyaan 27th September 2022 Episode Written Update (27/9/2022)

Udaariyaan TV Show Written Updates

Udaariyaan 27th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Colors “Udaariyaan 27 September 2022 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Currently Not Available. Stay tuned With us…

Udaariyaan Air Date: Udaariyaan 27th September 2022

Full Written Update: Udaariyaan 27/9/2022 Episode Start with Renuka lets her better half know that she is certain Mrs.Malhotra probably enjoyed their girl and they even preferred their child Ekam. Her significant other requests that she not to get her expectation excessively high. All of a sudden Renuka gets a call from Mrs.Malhotra. She gets confident however flies off the handle and illuminates her significant other they dismissed Mallika which lead the last option to chasten her. In Sandhu’s home Naaz gets goaded seeing Rupy taking care of Nehmat. She advises him to take care of her as well. Rupy concurs and takes care of both Nehmat and Naaz. Opposite side Renuka reviews Mrs.Malhotra’s words that Gautam likes Nehmat not Mallika.

She likewise reviews Naaz cautions her about the results of sending Nehmat with Mallika who dazzles everybody additionally lets her the maxim know when a lucky man comes to see his lady the family shouldn’t present the lady’s sister as well. Renuka blows up and irate. Nehmat leaves when she gets a call from Ekam. She gets some information about the Malhotra’s choice about the union. Ekam tells her that Renuka didnt let them know anything yet so he is clueless. He then, at that point, communicates Nehamat his adoration for her. Renuka comes there yet she hears Ekam’s discussion with Nehamat so passes on the spot without conversing with him.

The following day Nehmat blows up when Mallika illuminates Gautam choses her. Nehmat admonishes Gautam for not picking Mallika and getting intrigued by her. Mallika jokes at Nehmat that they she could like Gautam as well and advises her sibling Ekam to watch out. Nehmat flies off the handle. Ekam causes Nehmat to sit alongside her side and puts his hand on her shoulder and says nobody can separate them. Mallika wishes to have a romantic tale like them. In Sandhu’s home Shelly discovers that Malhotra’s preferred Nehmat not Naaz. She then, at that point, tells Naaz that Nehmat is savvy and delightful yet why she didn’t seemed infront of the Malhotra’s on the grounds that she is wonderful as well.

Naaz gets irritated yet educates Shelly regarding Nehmat’s condition about the marriage. Shelly tells her that she realizes Nehmat let Rupy know that she will get hitched after she turned into a free lady likewise she realizes that she and Ekam is enamored and she is standing out enough to be noticed. Naaz gets stressed and requests that Shelly quit rambling. However, shelly asks her is she is desirous of the consideration Nehmat is getting. Naaz looks on.

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