Udaariyaan 21st March 2023 Episode Written Update (21/3/2023)

Udaariyaan TV Show Written Updates

Udaariyaan 21st March 2023 Written Episode Update, Colors “Udaariyaan 21 March 2023 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.TUdaariyaan

Episode Name: Nehmat and Ekam’s roka gets fixed

Udaariyaan Air Date: Udaariyaan 21st March 2023

Full Written Update: Udaariyaan 21/3/2023 Episode Start with Rupy calling Harleen and saying Nehmat hasn’t arrived, she went out, I don’t have the foggiest idea how is she. She says just relax, she is with me. He gets out whatever, make me converse with her. She says I will settle on a video decision and show you. She shows Nehmat and says she was leaving, however Ekam halted her, Renuka will get them hitched, I will return home and tell everything. They get happy. Naaz blows up. Harleen and Nehmat supplicate at the Gurudwara. Harleen thinks my task is finished, I can go with mother to Canada, nobody is familiar with my concern, all is well at this point. She grins.

Harleen sings and salutes Nehmat. She says you’re unsettled. Nehmat asks how might I get blissful. Harleen makes sense of her and says Ekam was dependably yours. Nehmat asks will I grab him from you. Harleen says I can’t remain with somebody who loves another person, uneven love gives torment than joy. Nehmat embraces her. Harleen cries.

They get back home. Harleen causes Nehmat to apologize to Rupy. Rupy dismisses. Harleen requests that she in all actuality do sit ups. Nehmat sits ups. She is sorry. Rupy says ask her to avoid this. Nehmat and Rupy talk by implication by means of Harleen. Satti requests that he pardon Nehmat. Nehmat says you beat me assuming you are irate. Rupy cries and embraces her. Harleen additionally embraces him. Renuka comes. She says I said OK, yet I have not many circumstances. Mallika accompanies shagun. Renuka and Mallika giggle. Renuka says I was joking, I have harmed your heart a ton. She is sorry. She says I got Ekam’s partnership for Nehmat, I maintain that they should get hitched soon, I need satisfaction in my home, Ekam is distraught in bliss. Ekam says Nehmat has concurred for marriage. He hits the dance floor with his companions.

Satti embraces Nehmat. Renuka says pandit said tomorrow is a promising time for roka. She adulates Harleen. Ekam converses with his companion. The man requests that he take Nehmat out on the town. He says drink some liquor, you will get boldness. Ekam grins and tosses the container. He says something different gives me fortitude. Harleen makes an unexpected arrangement with the family for Nehmat. Ekam comes to meet Nehmat. She is resting. He holds her hand. He says I love you a great deal. He kisses her hand. Harleen shows her face and says Ekam.

Ekam gets up and says you… She chuckles. Nehmat awakens and asks what are you doing here Ekam, and for what reason are you chuckling Harleen. Harleen giggles and determines everything that Ekam said. Ekam and Nehmat cry and embrace Harleen. She asks what occurred. Ekam doesn’t say anything, each heart doesn’t arrive at adoration, don’t have the foggiest idea why everybody doesn’t get it. Harleen says love will show some demeanor. Nehmat says you love everybody genuinely. Harleen says Ekam is yours, its OK.

She asks how could you come, you didn’t come from fundamental entryway. Ekam says from the window. Nehmat says your bones might have broken. He says its fine, heart shouldn’t break. She requests that he leave. He says no, you are likewise accompanying me out on the town. She asks what, I will call Rupy, did you go frantic. Ekam says I will not go. Harleen remembers to send Nehmat to design the shock. She requests that Nehmat go. Nehmat requests that Ekam leave. Ekam says I won’t come on roka and go to Gurudwara to hang tight for her, I will remain there for eternity. Nehmat says best, remain there. Harleen requests that he go. She says Nehmat won’t come. She signs him. He leaves. She requests that Nehmat go. She demands her and says I needed to join you and Ekam, and my next target is to send you and Ekam out on the town, go, change and come. Nehmat comes and asks how is it. Harleen says delightful, one thing is missing, shut your eyes. She gets the dupatta which Ekam gave her. She says it contacted the meriting individual, you look wonderful. Nehmat grins.

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