Udaariyaan 16th May 2022 Episode Written Update (16/5/2022)

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Udaariyaan 16th May 2022 Written Episode Update, Colors TV “Udaariyaan 16th May 2022 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Tanya reveals her real identity to Fateh

Air Date: Udaariyaan 16th May 2022

Full Written Update: Udaariyaan 16/5/2022 Episode Start with She gets some information about. Fateh says crying that Amrik left them. She says that she is miserable for his sibling’s demise and she will always remember that he passed on saving her. Fateh asks what she is talking about. She says that she isn’t Tejo. She further says that she needs to give him another terrible news, Tejo is dead. She is only her copy. Fateh asks who she’s then, at that point. She says that she is Tanya Gill and Punjab police has sent her here to address Tejo’s case. Her obligation closes here as Tejo’s killer get found out. She prepares to leave. Fateh holds her and says that she is Tejo. She rehashes she isn’t Tejo. Fateh yells that it’s not to joke. Tejo says that she isn’t kidding.

Fateh yells that he will not pay attention to her junk any longer. He says he got rebuffed for harming her; he lost his sibling who resembles his child. She says that she isn’t lying. Fateh won’t trust her. He says that she showed him esteem relations and inquires as to why she is ridiculing it now. He requests that she say that she’s Tejo. He cries embracing her. She requests that he act and says that in all actuality she’s Tanya Gill and she knows to esteem the relations and for that purpose she needs to act like Tejo. She expresses him to acknowledge the reality. She further says that she had a commitment to get it done.

Fateh inquires as to whether she’s Tanya where Tejo is. Tanya says that Tejo passed on in the fire mishap and it’s better he acknowledges it. Fateh says that he can’t acknowledge it. He says that he felt Tejo’s presence when he came to London. He felt the harmony and had the option to rest calmly after months. He asks what this. Tanya says that perhaps it’the joy or harmony to track down Tejo’s killer. Tanya says that she used to be a straightforward Punjabi young lady, yet on one occasion she needed to seal cash from her office and she was gotten. She got captured and got three years of prison. However, on one occasion the examiner saw her and proposed her arrangement. He requested that she assist police with getting Tejo’s killer consequently of her opportunity. She concurred and she got prepared for something very similar.

Tanya says that the assessor played Tejo’s video recording that she recorded prior to passing on and tossed it through the window so somebody would see and help her. FB shows. Tanya sees Tejo’s video wherein Tejo tells about her pregnancy and her marriage with Angad and afterward her uncertainty about Fateh and Jasmine having an unsanctioned romance and needing to kill her being familiar with her pregnancy. Tanya tells the auditor to capture Fateh and Jasmine for Tejo’s homicide. The reviewer says that they couldn’t get any evidence against them. They arrived at the spot after fire was lighted and they have barely any insight into Tejo’s pregnancy. Tanya asks who he questions the.

The overseer says that he questions Angad. He says he was fixated on Tejo. Tejo’s marriage was fixed with Angad, however Tejo chose to get back to Fateh subsequent to being familiar with her pregnancy. It’s difficult for a sweetheart to acknowledge it. He adds that Angad vanished after Tejo’death. Tejo’s family accepts he headed off to some place out of the distress of losing Tejo, however he is in London. Tanya asks she will become something she’s not. The monitor says that she will be educated everything concerning Tejo. FB closes. Tanya says that then, at that point, started her excursion to become from Tanya to Tejo. A FB shows. Tanya watches recordings of Tejo. The reviewer says that Tanya ought to fill in as server in the bistro in London and her central goal to cause Angad to admit Tejo’s homicide or any data that will give them any lead about Fateh and Jasmine, they are as yet thought. FB closes.

Tanya says that this Tanya’s reality and it depends on Fateh to in all honesty. Fateh gets heart broken and cries. He says that Tejo kicked the bucket thinking he is her killer. Tanya attempts to comfort Fateh. The last option yells that she’s not Tejo so she shouldn’t set out to contact him. He yells that Angad lost his life in Tanya’s down. Amrik needed to accept Tejo to India as he most likely is aware just can eliminate the misery from his sibling’s life, yet he didn’t that he wasn’t forfeiting his life for Tejo, however for Tanya gill. He says that he won’t ever excuse her for that. \

Tanya says that she become his guilty party unwantedly. She is sorry to Fateh and says that she needed to come clean with him as she would have rather not gotten him far from reality any longer. Fateh yells that his predetermination hoodwinked him over and over and communicates his pain. Fateh asks Tanya for what good reason she entered his life as Tejo. Tanya says that she did it to get Tejo’s genuine killer. She says that Tejo questioned him while police questioned Angad. They put out this snare to get Angad. It wasn’t their arrangement. They needed to change the arrangement as Jasmine and Amrik saw her. Jasmine called Fateh to London as they needed. She says that she utilized Fateh and Jasmine to trap Angad.

Fateh says that Tanya just thought often about the case and utilized him disregarding his feelings. Tanya concedes that she hurt him, however she got equity for Tejo putting her life in danger by leaving with Angad, who attempted to kill her yet Fateh saved her in time. Tanya says that they had no alternate method for causing Angad to admit his wrongdoing. Everything was going as per the arrangement with the exception of Amrik.

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