Udaariyaan 12th October 2021 Episode Written Update (12/10/2021)

Udaariyaan TV Show Written Updates

Udaariyaan 12th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Colors Tv “Udaariyaan 12th October 2021 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Khushbeer Accepts Simran And Candy

Air Date: 12 October 2021

Full Written Update: Udaariyaan 12/10/2021 Episode Start with Jasmin asks what did you do Tejo, you have concealed something major from uncle ji, you lied and brought Candy home. Tejo says you don’t get in the middle. Khushbeer says she is correct, I respected you a little girl, you have ridiculed my adoration. Tejo holds his hands and says dislike that, indeed, I got Candy home reasoning blood will recognize blood, a girl will get her adoration and family’s affection, what’s up did I do, assuming I told this previously, you would have not allowed this association with structure, I simply needed you to feel that connection. Fateh says Tejo is saying right, pay attention to her once. Jasmin asks did you go frantic, how might you support an untruth. He says shut up. Jasmin says she did this deliberately, its her plan to bring Candy and stop him here around evening time, see you believed her and how she managed all of you. Rupy blows up.

Satti stops him. Jasmin insults Tejo. Fateh inquires as to whether she doesn’t have the foggiest idea. Gurpreet says you excuse Simran, I implore you. Dada ji and Biji likewise request that he pardon Simran. Fateh says Simran is this present house’s little girl, presently Candy is likewise here. Jasmin says for what reason is everybody after uncle ji, ask Tejo for what valid reason did she lie about Candy that he is her partner’s child, don’t have the foggiest idea what highly confidential she is stowing away with regards to Simran and Candy. Tejo asks what rubbish. Jasmin says I m saying reality, you are requesting that I get peaceful. Tejo slaps her. She reproves her.

She requests that Jasmin have disgrace, everybody is attempting to persuade uncle ji, you are bringing up an issue on Candy’s character, he is Simran’s child, perceived. She says uncle ji… Khushbeer says like you got her here, take her back. Jasmin grins. Tejo cries and requests that Simran come. She says you were right, there is a bad situation for you, neither in this house nor in anybody’s souls. She requests that Candy come, he has nobody here. Candy says no, I need to remain with Nana ji. Tejo takes him. Gurpreet cries and says stop him. Amrik says kindly stop them. Fateh says stop Candy. Candy leaves Tejo’s hand and hurries to Khushbeer. Koi apna … ..plays… . Candy asks what occurred, are you annoyed with me. He holds his ears and says I m sorry, converse with me, won’t you ever converse with me. They all cry. Tejo says Candy, your Nana ji is annoyed with you, he won’t ever converse with you, return. She cries. Candy says Nana ji… .

Khushbeer cries. He holds Candy’s hand. Candy grins. Everybody looks on. Khushbeer plunks down and says I m not annoyed with you, you will remain in this house with me, this house is yours, you can remain here for eternity. Candy asks how might I live here without mum. Khushbeer says who said that. Candy says you mean, mumma will likewise remain here. Khushbeer says OK. He embraces Candy. Everybody cheerfully cries.

Khushbeer says presently take Matarani’s gifts. Fateh checks out Tejo. Khushbeer takes Candy with him. Everybody embraces Simran and takes her. Rupy says now I comprehend, this was your pixie work, you did right by me once more. Rupy and Satti embrace Tejo. Fateh looks on. Simran does the aarti with Gurpreet. Gurpreet causes Tejo and Fateh to do the aarti. Jasmin stands away and scowls.

Fateh comes and asks would i be able to come in, I came to thank you, you did what nobody could, many thanks. Tejo says its alright, I did this for the family, not you, they have consistently upheld me, I can do this for them, I had guaranteed aunt ji that I will bring Simran back, I needed to satisfy that guarantee. He says I need to let you know much appreciated, I wish I didn’t hurt your heart, the circumstance was distinctive that time, I m truly heartbroken. She says I m inclination drowsy, you go. He goes. She closes the entryway. She cries and thinks my work here has finished, I need to persuade the appointed authority to liberate me from the a half year condition, I will leave then, at that point. Jasmin inquires as to for what reason did you go to her room consistently. He says I just went to say thanks to her. She contends with him. He says I will be appreciative to her all life for what you did, what’s your concern, everybody is cheerful, just you are grimacing, my sister returned home following 6 years, don’t you love Candy, I was unable to turn into a decent sibling, yet I m extremely content with Simran’s coming, I will not hear anything against her. He goes. Its morning, Tejo is preparing food. Gurpreet embraces her and much appreciated. She says you satisfied your guarantee. Tejo says you don’t say thanks to me, Simran has returned, she will remain here, you ought to simply have tears of satisfaction, supplicate that Khushbeer likewise acknowledges Simran.

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