Tujhse Hai Raabta 18 February 2021 Episode Written Update (18/02/2021)

Tujhse Hai Raabta Written Updates

Tujhse Hai Raabta 18th Feb 2021 Written Episode Update, Zee TV Serial “Tujhse Hai Raabta 18 February 2021 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Malhar And Kalyani Get Closer

Air Date: 18 February 2021

Full Written Update:Tujhse Hai Raabta 18/02/2021 Episode Start with Kalyani sees Malhar identification and understands that he tricked her and she requests that Malhar instruct how to utilize chopsticks to Moksh and she than places his visa Infront of him. Malhar understands that he is gotten. Kalyani sees blessings and inquires as to whether he got it thinking his falsehood going to uncover. Malhar going to reveal to her that Ab skilled those things however Kalyani goes inside with her blessing. Malhar goes to room and notification Kalyani in a nightie. She asks him what’s she looking like. Malhar asks this nightie seeing void blessing box. Kalyani says I realize this nightie sometimes fell short for me. Malhar says you’re excellent in all things and I like you more in saree. Kalyani heads inside and comes out wearing red saree. Kalyani feels hypnotized seeing the designed room. Malhar close the room entryway and the two gets sentimental with one another.

Following day Kalyani awakens with Malhar shirt and becomes flushed seeing him and Malhar grins seeing her. Kalyani goes out saying Moksh should be sitting tight for me. Moksh meets Ab at Maidan and says you’re the person who gave data of Dad right. abdominal muscle concurs. Moksh says I can’t battle with you however don’t make working at this spot. Abdominal muscle tosses the board and discloses to Moksh that he will not assembled any structure at this spot. Abdominal muscle collaborator says they may get crores of misfortunes. Stomach muscle says anything for Moksh bliss and he advises to Moksh that ordinary he will bat first. Moksh concurs and embraces him joy.

Chief invites Malhar with ACP post and gives him letter of honor. Malhar expresses gratitude toward him than he calls Ab. Abdominal muscle says I recollect about this evening supper. Malhar sats I called you to advise that you got letter of honor and their will be no case on you on the off chance that you have any. Abdominal muscle says their is no cases on me and I have suprise for you and your significant other and I have an inclination that I’m meeting my family after so often. Malhar says he didn’t get it. Stomach muscle says how about we talk at night. Kalyani grins reminscing their last night minutes. Malhar sees her and asks her opinion’s. Kalyani says I’m thinking to make Saboodana ki Kheer and she going to go yet Malhar stops her and illuminates that he got his ACP post and unique honor. Kalyani feels upbeat. Malhar kisses her platitude I love you.

Kalyani says you become sentimental in addition to the previous evening you get blessings as well. Malhar asks what blessings. Kalyani says you get that nightie right and I wear that one yet you disclosed to me that I look great in Saree. Malhar going to scrutinize her yet she leaves to offer medications to Aaosaheb. Anupriya submits non-bailable warrant of Avni to monitor. Avni says I called Sarthak and he will deliver me. Sarthak inquires as to why Pawar called him. Avni requests that he discharge her from prison else I will not leave you. Anupriya applauds and says you used to taunt me and my girl right and it’s actual Avni is ideal for you and I’m at botch since I confided in you. Sarthak asks Pawar to never call him for Avni. Anupriya says she is your significant other. Sarthak leaves. Avni yells to demolish him.

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