Tujhse Hai Raabta 13th Dec 2019 Episode Written Update (13/12/2019)

Tujhse Hai Raabta Written Updates

Tujhse Hai Raabta 13th December 2019 Written Episode Update, Zee Tv Serial “Tujhse Hai Raabta 13 December 2019 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Malhar Lies To Atul To Save Him From Shock

Air Date: 13 December 2019

Full Written Update: Tujhse Hai Raabta 13/12/2019 Episode Start with Kalyani asking Rachit to check and tells that she will check from the windows. The medical attendant takes Madhuri to the ward and tells that she will call the specialist. She goes. Kalyani thinks Malhar ji must be fine and it is her idea. Madhuri sees her, yet don’t see her face. Kalyani turns towards Madhuri and looks stunned. She turns back and is going to go. She thinks in the event that she saw Madhuri and thinks who was that lady? Aahir in camouflage of a ward kid is taking Malhar under the stretcher and sees Kalyani coming towards there. He converses with the Naxal and tells that Kalyani will not see Malhar. Kalyani tumbles down and the material moves from the stretcher, uncovering Malhar’s face. Be that as it may, Kalyani doesn’t see him. Aahir looks stunned and conceals it soon before she could see it.

Kalyani gets up and says sorry. She says she is in hustle. Aahir says no issue. He takes Malhar out. Kalyani goes to the ward where she has seen Madhuri, however the woman was another person. Kalyani says sorry. Rachit comes there and asks what you are doing here. Kalyani says I felt that aunt as my Madhuri, yet it is beyond the realm of imagination. Rachit asks her not to feel humiliated. He says they will leave, Malhar isn’t here. The attendant takes Madhuri to the ward and inquires as to why she was fleeing. Madhuri requests that Nurse search the person who was caught by the goons. Madhuri hears Nurse discussing Kalyani sister and thinks the person informed her concerning Kalyani and she has some connection with me. Anupriya attempts to make Atharv eat nourishment.

Atharv says baba said that he will play cricket with me, yet he didn’t come. Kalyani and Rachit return home. Anupriya asks Kalyani to deal with Atharv. Sarthak comes. Kalyani asks when did you come? Atharv says Alexa aunt must be realizing where is Baba? He asks Alexa. Kalyani is going to cry and gets enthusiastic. Sarthak advises that he came to realize that Malhar went for preparing. Kalyani says she didn’t meet Billu and goes to room. She comes to room and kisses Moksh. She reviews Malhar disclosing to her that he is going to Pune and asks her not to do anything incorrectly and don’t slam into a post talking on versatile. He grabs her telephone. Kalyani says she will oversee everything and requests that he chill. Malhar says in the event that you don’t get the imprints, at that point I will see you. fb closes.

Kalyani figures she can’t oversee alone without him. She figures what will I tell Atharv, who is demanding to play with his baba. She says Billu cries without you. She says there is no Kalyani without Malhar.

Pallavi asks Atharv to have nourishment. Atharv says I will have nourishment when Baba comes and tells that he will hit her. Pallavi says only a spoon. Atharv asks where is Baba? Kalyani hears and cries. Malhar is tied and kept some place. He thinks Kalyani must be concerned and this is the troublesome time for her. He says God offers issue to the individuals who has the fortitude to confront them. He figures you should be dealing with Moksh well, you have one greater obligation to deal with your Aai, I wishes she contacts you.

Madhav returns to emergency clinic and the medical attendant discloses to him that the woman (Madhuri) went from the emergency clinic. Madhav gets stressed. Madhuri scans for Kalyani and asks the individuals out and about. She cries taking her name and thinks who is she? She thinks Kalyani may be thinking about me and calls her. Atharv thinks Malhar came and calls him. He sees kalyani wearing Malhar’s garments and fixing the cricket wickets. Atharv inquires as to for what reason did you wear baba’s garments. Kalyani claims to converse with him and tells that until he returns, she will make Atharv have nourishment. She at that point discloses to Atharv that he is bringing new bat for him and requested that he have nourishment and practice cricket with her. Atharv says I will play just with Baba.

Kalyani says you can play with you later, however starting at now, play with me. She says first you have nourishment as the bat is overwhelming and you solidarity to lift the bat. She causes him to sit and sustains him nourishment. He tells that baba called him from the shop. Atharv says I will play like Virat Kohli and requests that her have nourishment too. He requests that her become umpire. Kalyani says alright and requests that he practice cricket with her. Atharv says alright and completes the process of eating nourishment. They play cricket. The ball goes far. Atharv looks for the ball and sees Madhuri there. He says photograph nani and goes to educate kalyani. He says I will take you there. Kalyani says however… He takes her there, yet Madhuri is now gone from that point. Atharv says she was there. Kalyani says this can’t occur. Her telephone rings. Rachit tells that he got the gathering fixed with Minister and requests that her come. Atharv says he is stating truth. Kalyani takes him to watch animation.

Aahir reveals to Malhar that he has no assurance of his life and attempted to spare that distraught lady. Malhar asks did you trap her again and tells that she is of no utilization. Aahir grins and thinks his men attempts to get Madhuri, yet she tossed stone on him and flee. Malhar asks did you get her. Aahir advises that when his men went to get Madhuri, somebody from his family observed them and that is the reason they got the individual captured. Malhar asks who? Madhav says your shortcoming is in my grasp. Malhar glances in the vehicle and is stunned.

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