Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 27 September 2021 Episode Written Update (27/09/2021)

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 27th September 2021 Written Episode Update, Colors “Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 27th September 2021 Written Update” on

Episode Name: Dr. Anurag Feels Connected With Kajol

Air Date: 27th September 2021

Full Written Update: Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 27/09/2021 Episode Start with Rajesh says now it is second hand, when it is out of display area, its worth abatements. He says assuming we sell in a rush, will bear the misfortune. Pandit ji reveals to Kajol that whoever was available during the last ceremonies, will go to thirteenth day of Vishu’s demise. Shyam says I will call them and discloses to Kajol that Dr. Anurag Basu had offered shoulder to Dada’s body, in the event that he comes, it will be acceptable, Dada will get harmony. Kajol says I will visit his home. Kajol goes to Dr. Anurag’s home with Rajesh . Sharmila requests that she sit. Kajol says Dr. Anurag has helped us a ton and says assuming he goes to the thirteenth day of Baba’s demise, it will be acceptable. Sharmila says Anurag may be coming in at some point. Kajol says we will leave. Rajesh says I will get the cart. Dr. Anurag gets back home. Kajol checks out Anjali’s pic and says Anjali Maam’s pic is here. Sharmila asks do you know her? Kajol says she was my first and most loved music educator in school and I was her number one understudy. She says Maam used to say that I am her appearance, and says actually like Chacha ji showed me music at home, Maam used to showed me music at school, and showed ethics, values and so on She says she used to call me Mishti with adoration and asks would i be able to meet her, in case she is at home. Dr. Anurag thinks in the event that I feel association with Kajol because of this. Sharmila says she was my bhabhi. Dr. Abhishek says she was my better half, yet she isn’t alive at this point. Kajol asks what? Sharmila says Anurag was 10 years of age when she passed on. She sees Anurag and says he has come. Kajol says I am heartbroken, I didn’t have the foggiest idea. She requests that Anurag come for her baba’s thirteenth day. He says I have endorsed on the clinical authentication and can’t go to the customs, else I can’t rehearse medication. Kajol says it was my work to welcome you and goes. Sharmila asks what did you say? Dr. Anurag thinks he needs to say something different, however said inverse. He goes to his room and views at Kajol as she goes with Rajesh in the cart.

Arjun reviews Kajol’s allegations and figures he will revive their connection, simply pause and watch. Kajol gets back. Pishimaa asks did you welcome Dr. Anurag? Kajol says he remained silent and says something odd occurred in his home. She says his mom isn’t alive, that is the reason Dr. Basu remains standoffish and haughty, as though he was unable to fail to remember the aggravation of losing his mom. She says just the one can comprehend who went through a similar aggravation. She says she feels like Baba is here. Pishimaa says until every one of the customs are done, Vishu’s spirit will be here, should be checking out us and missing us. She requests that she have food. Kajol says no Pishimaa, I can’t have food. Pishimaa appeals to God and says somebody will uphold her.

Dr. Anurag takes a gander at his mom’s photograph outline and reviews Kajol’s words. He takes out his mom’s journal and peruses that today is her birthday, however it slipped Abhishek’s mind and went, yet she got the present in school, today Mishti sang so well and she got such a lot of harmony to her spirit. She trusts that she keeps singing. Fb closes. Anurag thinks Kajol thinks about Maa, and figures he will ask her, however may say something wrong. He figures when will I figure out how to communicate my sentiments?

Kajol comes to Chandana and reviews her allegations. She goes from that point. Chandana turns her face. Kajol returns to her room. Pishimaa comes there. Kajol says how to cause Maa to comprehend that I didn’t do anything to Baba. Pishimaa says your baba knew and comprehended you well. She says he realized that main you will deal with everything and everybody. She says I got this while cleaning his cabinet, he should offer this to you before bidaai. Kajol peruses his letter, that he realizes that she will deal with them even after marriage, and asks her not to lose fortitude and strength and so forth She gets enthusiastic and says I will keep everybody cheerful.

Rekha comes there and asks Kajol what’s your opinion about Arjun? She says if this will end, however you love him. Kajol says as much occurred and you individuals are as yet contemplating Arjun and me. She says I won’t ever wed Arjun and this is my last choice. Pishimaa says you will not take choice in a rush and requests that she take it later. Rekha says yes. Pishimaa says you love him and needed to wed him. Kajol says on the off chance that my choice was correct, Baba wouldn’t have left us. She says the connection which depended on completely false and cheat, I would prefer not to tie in that connection, neither my heart nor my psyche will concur. I can’t wed Arjun. Chandana comes there and says we were stressed for your marriage and when Arjun came in your life, we figured we will dispose of our weight. Kajol says Arjun is certifiably not a decent person. Chandana says you knew him, abruptly he turned out to be awful. She says you are simply contemplating yourself. She says they are rich and would have helped us, however discover issue in them. She says your baba didn’t bite the dust because of them. In any case, because of you and says you are a revile and will remain with us.

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