Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 22th October 2021 Episode Written Update (22/10/2021)

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 22th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Colors Tv ” Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 22th October 2021 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Anurag Tries To Take Kajol’s Help For NGO’s Durga Puja

Air Date: 22 October 2021

Full Written Update: Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 22/10/2021 Episode Start with She says for what reason is he off-base, assuming he has anything wrong in his heart, why he would have come here and remain with you. She says just Anurag was there, who represented you and your sense of pride, among the group. She says when you was getting offended, just he was the one in particular who remained by you and battled for you. She says it needs boldness to make some noise reality, he isn’t phony and liar like Arjun. She says he isn’t not exactly a heavenly messenger, we will be appreciative to him. Kajol thinks Pishimaa is correct, however when Maa is thinking incorrectly, I will avoid him.

Kaushik calls Dr. Abhishek and asks did I at any point affront you? Dr. Abhishek asks what was the deal? Kaushik says they had gone to Vishawath ji’s shradh. Arundita says Anurag was accusing us as though we killed him. Sharmila says see. Kaushik says we are a family and why Anurag is ensuring Kajol and supporting her to such an extent. Abhishek says there should be some misconception. Tai ji says we have blood connection and we don’t need you to feel exactly the same thing as us. Arundita requests that he get Anurag far from Kajol. Abhishek requests that Kaushik quiet down and says I will converse with him, and he won’t get rowdy once more. Anurag comes and hears them. He takes telephone and lets Kaushik know that he conversed with him pleasantly because of their connection, and says you are behind a young lady and says assuming you don’t stop your modest strategies, I will fail to remember the relations, and won’t consider age moreover. He closes the call. Dr. Abhishek inquires as to for what reason did you meddle when I was talking. Anurag says I meddled as it was about me. Sharmila says I will converse with Anurag in the first part of the day and feels terrible for Kajol.

Pishimaa asks Chandana, for what reason would she say she is behind Kajol? Chandana says first she fixed her marriage with Arjun and afterward canceled. She is currently having an unsanctioned romance with Dr. Anurag. She says we have three additional little girls at home, and needs to wed. She says I prevented her from going further. She asks Pishimaa not to prevent her from admonishing Kajol once more.

Chandrika and Anu tell about the Durga Puja following 2 days. Anu and Apu tell that if Baba could have been alive, then, at that point, we would have celebrated and get new garments as well. Kajol says it was Baba’s cherished celebration. Pishimaa says it is your cherished celebration still and helps her to remember last celebration. Kajol envisions the capacity they have commended last year and envisions Vishu. She breaks the stash erroneously and says it was given by Baba. Pishimaa asks her not to feel terrible, and says Vishu will get injured. Kajol’s kin picks the cash.

Sharmila converses with Anuradha and tells that she will converse with Anurag and fix Durga puja festivities at NGO. Anurag asks what was the deal? Sharmila says you heard me. He says we used to go to Dada muni’s home consistently to celebrate. Sharmila says Dada muni died, and it’s anything but a year as well. Anurag says who will help you in NGO, and I don’t need your back aggravation to increment. Sharmila gets vexed. Anurag says I don’t need puja to occur in NGO as… Sharmila says Anjali Bhabhi’s birthday falls on that day, and says we will praise the capacity excellently in her memory. She used to hang tight for this celebration the entire year. Kajol lets her kin know that Baba consistently needed to observe Durga puja and he needed me to purchase something with this cash. She says she will purchase new garments for them with this cash. Sharmila tells that she saw Anjali Bhabhi doing the puja and she requested that I do this puja, as it is our custom. Priyanka comes there and gives bouquet to Anurag, then, at that point, gives it to Sharmila. Sharmila says when did you come? Priyanka says multi week back. She inquires as to whether they are not celebrating in Dada Muni’s home. Anurag says they will have Durga Puja at NGO this year. Priyanka offers to help. Sharmila says did you make courses of action previously. Priyanka looks on. Sharmila lets Anurag know that one name is coming to her, and Anuradha likewise applauded her a ton. Anurag comprehends and says after whatever occurred, we will not call her. Sharmila asks him not to think a lot, simply go to her and illuminate her that I called her. She says I will deal with. Anurag says alright, I will leave. He inquires as to whether she won’t medical clinic. She says she will have food with Aunty and will go to evening shift.

Kajol sees a laborer getting perspiring in the printing shop and requests that Rajesh stop the machine. Sharmila educates Priyanka concerning Kajol, being Anjali’s beloved understudy. Priyanka says in case she is the one whose news came in the paper? Sharmila says OK, and commendations her. She says she has a decent voice. Kajol requests that the specialist return home. The laborer says I will tackle job. Kajol says in the event that anything happens to you, what will befall your family. She requests that Rajesh take him home. Sharmila tells Priyanka that Kajol is an extremely basic young lady and deals with everybody. Priyanka gets disturbed. Kajol begins the printing machine. Another laborer comes and tells that he will accomplish the work. Kajol says no work is little and says there is no distinction among proprietor and representative, we will cooperate. She requests that he accomplish another work. Anurag comes there and checks out her. She sees him.

Sharmila lets Priyanka know that she trusts that Kajol consents to help me in puja plans and her aggravation will be less. Priyanka says alright, I will leave and inquires as to whether she wants assistance. Sharmila requests that she think as sindoor and gulaal will be in air during puja. Priyanka says she will oversee. Rajesh requests that Kajol meet Anurag once. Kajol says for what reason did he come here, I let him know that I won’t have any connection with him. Rajesh says he is an exceptionally pleasant man, simply meet him once. Kajol comes to him and expresses profound gratitude for coming to shradh. She says I can’t take up NGO request, and I have explained previously. She says this is my last choice. He says I don’t came for NGO request here. She says I will leave. Anurag thinks she is requesting that I leave. He says I didn’t come to discuss us, and tells that his Pishimaa has kept Durga Puja at NGO and needed your assistance.

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