Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 12th October 2021 Episode Written Update (12/10/2021)

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 12th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Colors Tv “Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 12th October 2021 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Dr. Anurag Drops Kajol To Her House

Air Date: 12 October 2021

Full Written Update: Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 12/10/2021 Episode Start with Kajol opens her eyes. He moves his hand from her head. Kajol says Dr. Anurag you are here, and tells that we have meeting at 4 pm. He says I was looking through you since evening and tells that somebody let him know that she is in emergency clinic and taking his name, so he came. Kajol says might be I was going to meet you, so took your name, apologies. He requests that she be tranquil and says your relatives are exceptionally stressed, we went to funeral home and saw a young lady who met with a mishap, and everybody thought it is you. Kajol asks where is my telephone? My family is concerned, I will advise them that I am alive. He says you have injury on your head, I will take you home. I will educate Rajesh that you are fine. He considers Rajesh and tracks down his number turned off. He inquires as to whether she can release Kajol as her family is extremely stressed. Specialist says I will check. Dr. Anurag sits and inquires as to whether she is fine. Kajol checks out him. She hacks. He makes her beverage water and sits at her bedside. Specialist returns and lets Anurag know that he can take patient home. Dr. Anurag assists her with getting up and take her in his vehicle. Kajol rests coming. He stops the vehicle. Kajol inquires as to whether we arrived at home. Dr. Anurag says will reach in 5 mins, relatives will get glad seeing you fine and thinks on the off chance that something would have happened to you, I… .

Pishimaa considers Kajol and the minutes they have spent. Kajol gets down from the vehicle and staggers. Dr. Anurag holds her. Pishimaa figures she will come in her musings and hallucinations now. Dr. Anurag brings her close to Pishimaa. Kajol calls her. Pishimaa gets glad seeing her and asks how was she? She considers everybody and tells that Kajol has gotten back home. Everybody embraces Kajol. Arjun looks stunned seeing her. Chandana comes out. Kajol strolls towards her. Chandana embraces her, seeing her fine. Dr. Anurag remains outside and checks out them. Chandana says we were completely stressed and inquires as to whether she is fine. She inquires as to whether you go anyplace else as well. Kajol says I am fine. Dr. Anurag says awful occasions unite everybody and expresses what could be more acceptable than this. He keeps her emergency clinic document and prescriptions. Naina asks how could you come? Pishimaa says Dr. Anurag brought her home. She calls him and discovers record and meds. Arjun calls Naina close to him. Naina says where was didi up to this point. Arjun says that isn’t significant, how did Anurag discover her? Everybody was looking through her. He says it is extremely convoluted and requests that she ask Kajol. Naina says alright. Kajol embraces Chandana. Naina asks Kajol what occurred with her, and where was she the entire day. Kajol says I pull out cash from ATM and provided for Apu. She says then she was strolling out and about and tumbled down. She doesn’t have the foggiest idea what occurred after that. Anu tells that she was taken to medical clinic from the sign of the street. Chandana requests that Kajol have haldi milk and rest. Naina and Arjun go out. Naina says did you hear what did she say? there was grieving at home because of her, she accomplished such a great deal show. Arjun says how Anurag was saying that nothing can happen to Kajol, how might he be so certain? He says how might Anurag be so near Kajol being my cousin, and afterward she accompanied Dr. Anurag Basu.

Sharmila tells that she is saved. Dr. Anurag says Kajol was saved from death trap. Sharmila says on the off chance that end is acceptable, everything is acceptable. She requests that he proceed to rest. Naina says Mom was correct, it’s not possible for anyone to comprehend Kajol didi. She is inverse of her looks. Arjun says your sister tricked me as well and says there is an off-putting thing between them. He says Dr. Anurag is a cardio vascular specialist and Kajol. He requests that Naina ask Kajol how did Anurag discover her. Naina says I was stunned when the news came and requests that he ask Anurag. Arjun says Anurag is abnormal and I can’t converse with him. He says Kajol is an autonomous lady and can take her choice. He inquires as to whether anything is going on among Kajol and Naina. He thinks to destroy Kajol’s life through Naina.

Arundita informs Kaushik concerning Chandana arguing infront of her for Naina and Arjun’s connection. She says on the off chance that we will fall in the pit. Kaushik says on the off chance that we need to battle with pig, need to step in the sloppy pit. He says this is the right opportunity to deliver retribution from her. He says People will realize that Kajol is a liar, and says assuming Naina’s connection occurs, individuals will accept that there is nothing out of sorts in our child or family. He says why anybody will get their little girl in a similar house, in case anything is off-base. He says our slap will arrive at Kajol’s spirit. Arundita says alright, I will tell her that we are coming for Shradh and will discuss the coalition.

Dr. Anurag thinks to call Kajol, figures she doesn’t have her telephone. He peruses the journal and thinks there is one or more mark of this occurrence, Kajol is with her relatives in her home. Pishimaa asks Kajol how did Dr. Anurag reach there? Kajol says I was stunned seeing him there, and afterward he let me know that I had taken his name and that is the way he came to there. Chandana requests that she drink milk and rest. Dr. Anurag figures somebody may be dealing with her.

Next morning, Kajol is going to office. Anu and Apu request that she rest. Pishimaa comes there, requests that she eat and medications first. Kajol says pack my tiffin, I will have it in office. Chandana says she doesn’t have any fortitude left to hear such things, whatever she heard yesterday. She says I didn’t dare to bear anything now.

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