Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 1 October 2021 Episode Written Update (1/10/2021)

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 1st October 2021 Written Episode Update ,Colors Tv Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 1st October 2021 Written Update on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Kajol Gives Money To Money Lenders

Air Date: 1st October 2021

Full Written Update: Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 1/10/2021 Episode Start with Dr. Anurag signs and returns the document. He asks how are the children there? The woman says they are fine, and missing you. She says she is thinking to do co-curricular exercises for the children, such as singing, music, sports and so forth She says in the event that your mom would have been alive, she would have instruct them. Dr. Anurag considers Kajol and in the event that she shows music, she will feel harmony. Rajesh lets Kajol know that his credit was authorized and requests that she take the cash. Kajol rejects. Rajesh asks him not to reject and return the cash when she gets. He asks her not to tell anything at home, as they may feel awful, and requests that she tell that they got advance of a major request. Kajol says it will be a major blessing for us. She says she will return home and give the cash to the cash banks. She thinks to converse with Naina.

Arjun stops the vehicle and lets Naina know that he would prefer not to agitate her family. He says I wished I had met you before Kajol. He says I thought she was my perfect partner, yet we both have energy and energy. Naina inquires as to whether energy was with Kajol previously. Arjun asks her not to take her name and says on the off chance that I had not met Kajol, we would have hitched. Naina inquires as to whether your and my connection is beyond the realm of imagination. He asks truly and kisses her hand. He says your family won’t concur. Naina says no one is trusting Kajol, and Maa accepts that Didi is liable and not you, and controlled everybody. She says she don’t think you wrong. Arjun says my family won’t ever concur for our union, as they can’t fail to remember how Kajol has managed them. They are delicate with regards to their status, says I wish I could converse with them and recuperate their injuries. Naina requests that he leave this on her. He expresses gratitude toward her and says bye. Naina says bye. Arjun then, at that point, says Naina, I love you. I’m grieved, I told out of nowhere. Naina grins and says its alright Arjun. He says bye and sits in his vehicle. Naina thinks he said I love you and needs to wed me. She says she generally realized that he was not Kajol’s sort, however my sort, she thinks horse went to the right well.

Kajol goes to the sanctuary and appeals to God for the individual who helped them monetarily. A bloom tumbles down from the goddess laurel. Dr. Anurag is strolling in his clinic when a major tile tumbles down close to him. He is protected. Medical caretaker says somebody is petitioning God for you sir. Dr. Anurag says Maa’s gifts are with me. Kajol appeals to God for himself and afterward requests that Goddess invigorate her save Naina from Arjun, she gets visually impaired seeing cash starting.

She returns home and hears Naina glad. She asks did you meet Arjun? Naina says no. Kajol says I saw you both together. Naina says indeed, why did you inquire. She says he may have called you and says I will asks him not to call you or anybody. Naina says we met, as we needed, and says I will conclude whom to meet or not. She says everybody knows what you have done. She says I am a lot of good than you, and isn’t care for you twofold norms. Kajol gets some information about Baba, and says he isn’t with us because of that person, it is affront for him. She says you get drawn to cash, house and vehicles, however Arjun is anything but a hero. She says don’t rehash a similar misstep as me. Naina says you control everybody, and is currently envious. She says you was never appropriate for him, he attempted to make you gel in his reality, he gave you gifts and gems and you embarrassed him and slapped him. She says I am so embarrassed about you. Kajol asks the amount you know Arjun? Naina inquires as to whether you know him well, why did you take the matter till marriage and baba’s demise.

She says you made him scoundrel when you was uncovered, and broke marriage with him to deal with your picture. She says Arjun told me, how you caught him. She says even Maa knows your reality, what she may have gone through subsequent to seeing your childish and noxious symbol. Kajol lifts her hand to slap her. Chandana comes and asks how could you? Kajol says you don’t have a clue. Chandana says I heard her. She says assuming Naina needs to meet Arjun, then, at that point, who are you to stop him. She says I have seen neediness from close and tells that your dad’s standards are sold on the lookout for a modest quantity. She says Apu needs to endeavor to bring in cash, yet Anu, chandrika and Naina will wed in a rich family. She says assuming Naina needs to meet Arjun, then, at that point, she will meet him, I am with her. She says your baraat left from here, yet I need to get three of my girls wed. Naina asks now did you hear? Kajol says Naina, Arjun is charactless and plays with his bhabhi. Naina says you are giving me a similar admonition. Kajol says I am senior than you. Chandana says I will show my children, what is good and bad, you simply see yourself.

Apu comes there and says cash banks came to get cash. Kajol goes. Shyam requests that Money banks give them some time. The cash loan specialists yell at them. Kajol acquires the cash the envelopes and says this is your cash, this isn’t all, however enough. She gives them cash with the computation slip and says you will get the excess sum in a half year. The cash banks request that she recollect that they will meet in a half year and leaves. Pishimaa says I realized that you will accomplish something, you are same like Vishu, has same qualities and sense of self like him. Kajol goes to Vishu’s photograph casing and overlap her hands. Shyam asks from where did you get this cash? Kajol says she got a major request and by one way or another oversaw. Anu, Apu and Chandrika embrace her. Kajol says I will not allow anything to happen to them. She lets Shyam know that she requested that Rajesh sell the vehicle.

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