This single seater car will run 121 km in 1 liter petrol, 31 students built in 1 year


New Delhi, Auto Desk. The team of 31 students of automobile engineering at SRM University, Chennai, has a single-seater bike car that can travel 121 kilometers in 1 liter petrol. According to the report published in Bhaskar, these students have prepared a prototype model of this car and will present it at Shell Eco Marathon India to be held in Bengaluru from 19 to 22 November. The competition will test the ability of the car and if it gets good reactions and is successful, the car will represent the Asia Shell Eco Marathon. To increase fuel efficiency, a team of 31 students has spent a full year designing it.

The cost of making this car has come to around two and a half to three lakh rupees and to make it, the team has added money from pocket money to participate in the competition. Explain that lightweight carbon fiber and aluminum have been used on the body of this car and it started designing in January last year. It has a 50 cc engine and is capable of running only on plate roads.

To make this car, Captain Mohammad Salim of the team of students used to make it daily from morning to evening. However, many times it failed to make it, but now this car has become ready. The project has been completed with different responsibilities by creating four domains Vehicle Dynamics, Partren, Electrical and Corporate. M member Harditya Singh of the same team said that the entire team has been a significant contributor and parts of rollcage, steering, brake and shell etc. have been used in making this car, out of which they were given the responsibility of steering.



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