This is the tomb of Mughal Noordin, where people still wear shoes


Shri Muktsar Sahib (Taneja) : In the history related to Shri Muktsar Sahib, there is also a special mention of the tomb of a Mughal on whom people still wear shoes. This tomb is that of Noordin Mughal.

Noordin’s tomb is about two and a half kilometers from Sri Darbar Sahib, a little ahead of Gurdwara Tibbi Sahib and very close to Gurdwara Datansar. Many of the Sikh devotees come to visit the place during the historic fair of Maghi to visit the place and kick shoes at the tomb. According to history, when Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji walked from Chamkaur Sahib to Malwa region, there was a crowd of Sikh warriors in his court in place of Kagan. During this period, Mughal detective Noordin, who was pursuing Guru ji in disguise at the behest of Suba Sirhind and Delhi’s rule, became a Sikh and stayed close to Guru Sahib but did not claim it.

When Guru Sahib arrived at Khidrane Ki Dhab (now Sri Muktsar Sahib), he came with the Mughal. That place now remains Gurdwara Datansar Sahib. When Guru Sahib started to battle Datun the next morning, that Mughal attacked Guruji with a sword. During this, Guru Sahib quickly stopped his attack and killed him with an iron gash on his mouth and ended it there. Later Noordin’s tomb is built there and people wear shoes on that tomb. Noradin’s tomb is knocked down by the people and then the tomb is rebuilt again.


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